Sleep Paralysis and Hallucinations : Back 2 Back appearence.

I had two back to back episodes of sleep paralysis and hallucinations.

It was starange that in the wee hours of morning it occured and when i was not even sleeping. I woke up at 5.15 am and drank water and returned to bed and before closing my eyes i watched time in my phone…it read 5.20 am and just closed my eyes and felt the feeling comming over so sttetched my hand towards my son and hold him and still i felt that someone is pressuring me from side and i couldn’t move but I tried to move my toes and fingers and curled up my noes, then suddenly could open my eyes but still was not able to move so staryed blinking my eyes fast and aftet gew seconds I was awake. I sat up on the bed, took a couple of deep breaths and then slept sideways, though first also i was lying sideways but not completely so this time completely turned sideways and closed my eyes. I could hear a laughing sound immidiately and some presure on my back as if some one was intentionally doing it. Whispering, first time you were saved but now caught ya! And then I could feel something touching my right palm behind my back so tried to grab it but nothing happened only the laughter increased and suddenly I remembered my daughter was there so it might be her leg i was feeling than i tried to turn aside but xouldnt so startef to laugh my self but only a little squeak came out or a whisper to match that laugh then suddenly flattering my palms and toes I came back to my senses. The time was 5.35 am. Since then I didnt sleep.

The other reason for calling it strange is, though I am considering it since long back but couldnot bring myself to mention about it, that iys said when you sleep on your back it occurs but I never sleep that way, o ly tirned to my left is my sleeping position, still I get these episodes since my childhood. Thirdly, sometimes due to work I donot sleep whole night and when I try to take rest at any given time, just like today, it occurs. My question is that when I am not sleeping how can it happen, on just closing your eyes?! Is it possible? It is too horrible. That too twice back to back. Though now I am not that afraid as firstly I know what it is and secondly most of the time I am in full sense of my surroundings.

I don’t know what to say? Still sharing my experience wirh you all. If you know something please do tell.

Short horror stories 1

She was standing in front of the mirror , trembling and shaking. Her reflection smiling mercilessly at her.


He kept all his mirrors covered. Fearing his childhood stories to be true, of some soul snatcher comming out of it if you call his name in front of mirror.

One night his friend jokingly removed all the covers from mirrors and in night called the soul wnatcher’s name three times and boom….the lights were off for few seconds and when the light came his friend lay dead in fron of the dressing table and blood dripping out of the mirror’s crack.


Ages ago, he used to sleep in the out house room of an age old mansion. No one ever believed him when he told about his strange encounters. But one thing everybody witnessed every now and then, that he was thrown out of his room into the open with his folding bed atop him. And on checking the room nothing was found, ever.


Whenever she visited her childhood home and stood in front of her bedroom, it used to lure her in and then never let her out without some one’s help and next day she used to suffer from fever.


Sleep paralysis and hallucinations 

Aaaaahh…! So scary yet non avoidable..this is the situation. I have sympathy with the victims of sleep paralysis and hallucinations. No! Don’t get me wrong.. I to am the victim of it since I remember. I have many experiences engraved in memories, scene by scene. 

The latest being very weird as it was not that horrible but strange and for the first time it felt that I have tried to move my hand that s not physical and felt the jerk in my shoulder…may be an OBE or what else. This is the second time I felt this movement but first time it was not followed by SPAH. This was thrilling till I didn’t have SPAH because it was very disturbing,  emotionally this time. And to come out of it I tried to rotate my wrist and after sometime found my voice and surprisingly I was not sleeping at all, my eyes were open and was seeing my children sleeping. When I shouted ‘aaahh’ that time I could turn and see my husband awake from my sound and comforting me. But believe me this the second time that I am wide eyed. Last it was when I saw a girl standing in my window and trying to scare me and instead I screamed  towering over her and then was shaken by my husband. 

Whenever I have these episodes I can’t go back to sleep, soon. But this time it was different and after my husband shook me I just shrugged of the whole episode like dust over shoulder and slept calmly like that was nothing. Just was emotionally disturbed by it. This is a first time experience. Because I saw my hubby pressing my wrist to my side and sing something in a voice that doesn’t belong to him later I recognised that it was his mistress’ and thus emotional rather then horrible but in a way more disturbing and horrible than any scary experience. These days whenever I am having these SPAH episodes I am encountering someone related to me then turning in to someone else to scare me. I don’t know why this is happening but it’s really sad and undesirable. My mom who passed away 7 to 8 years back is most reoccurrent in these episodes. Once she came into my husband’s dream and said I have come to take my daughter back with me and took my hand and started to walk out of the door when my husband shouted my name loudly and seeing me beside him slept peacefully. Since then I am either seeing my both dead parents in my dreams or her in my SPAH episodes. In dreams they ask me to accompany them back home or they usher  e into car and drive back. In SPAH I am either smothered or terrified or tried to be killed. Only once she came in SPAH before coming in my hubby’s dream and that was 6 years back but since then nothing. 

No what all this means I don’t know but I don’t want to get emotionally drained rather prefer to be scared to death.