A turbulent flight journey.

Above the sea, over the mountains in the sky, a flight is going towards its destination.

Inside the plane, passangers sitting tight, the crew, all bolted to their seats, givng some instructions and informations to the passangers, who were out of the seats even after the warning signs and instructions of the pilot as some turbulence was going on.

In the first row on the aisle seat, sitting a gentle man, tall, fair and jovial. He for some reason was looking bit tensed and disturbed. A fellow peppssanger asked him if somethings wrong. It took all his guatfs off and and he broke down. Like child he cried and with hiccups and unconsolable sobs he confined that je was afraid of heights and disnt want to die in an air crash.

Looking at his condition the fellow pessanger first got confused how to react. Seeing such a big man crying like a child, he wanted to laugh but the situation of the flight made him panic, too. And then started a scenerio of chaos. By and by every one in the flight started to get panic. And there was a chain of scene of people breaking down.

Within half an hour of first breakdown, the whole aircraft was on chaos. People crying, shouting, arguing with crew. This whole scene continued for another 15 minutes and when the situation was under control announcementbwas made, came to an abrupt end. And soon the flight landed safely.

Everyone onboard was relieved. The moment the flight doors were open the man who first broke down, jumped up from his seat in a hurry to get down of the plane, as if seats were biting him and the seat belt seemes like a loop which was reaching for his neck.

After comming out, on the geound some one asked him why did he get so scared? He innocently replied that it was first time that he was flying and as he was affaraid of heights, already bolted up fear, got outof control with the turbulence and he started crying as he didn’t want to die of felling from such a height.

A crew memeber who was a witness to the whole scene in the plane laughed and said that how hillarious it all seemed now, that the flight has landed safely after facing the problem. But, he adressed the pessanger that how his unintended childish act had turned the whole thing into such a panic scene. That for once the crew too found it out of their control to hide the fear.
After a while the passanger headed straight towrs the washrooms ns vomited and had one more round of nausea. In the lounge where ussualy passangers wait after exiting, there aligned to the railing of the stairs going down, was a relaxing and massage chair setup the fellow pessanger was seen lying with closed eyes relaxing out his own tenssion.

This how the journey ended.

Boarding a flight.

We all live on a beautiful place called earth. It’s a heaven for we don’t know what actual one looks like. May be some of us may laugh at my this statement but for me my world which I can experience,  feel, touch and see is heaven. I don’t reserve a particular word for an unseen imaginary place.

I don’t get it sometimes why some people are blood thirsty, why all these killings. Why can’t we live in a peaceful and harmonious environment. Why the governments support such kind of things. In fact in our country try there is internal war going on for showing themselves as backwards and poor. If such is the condition and mentality of citizens then how can a Nation become developed and march forward? Where the right to admission in any walk of life is based on reservation and not ability and capability. There are many drawbacks for such a situation and the Nation as a whole has to face the consequences.

Why don’t we get satisfied with what we are capable of instead of snatching from others their opportunity.  It in turns make everyone a looser because one who got the opertunity by snatching is not able to perform correctly and the one who is, is deprived of the same.

Wherever we see some kind of unrest is going on. Whether it may be in social life or in personal. Instead of getting happy with our share of happiness we try to compare with others and always find ours less in comparison, so we struggle to reach their level. For attaining that we may do anything, bag, borrow or steal. And I don’t think that is right or even nervous to it. Because I believe that what is destined to us or what we have written in our agreement with the supreme power that has already been given to us. For me the happiness is getting a reservation of a table for two at the restaurant for dinner. Or even getting a chance to stroll the street full of people, holding hands of my love and resting my head on his shoulder if I am tired of walking, with everyone admiring his love for me.

After all we all have to aboard a flight which is never delayed and say our goodbyes and depart silently for let others shout for us. The seats are already reserved so no inconvenience. No tension, no worries. How much good deeds we perform we will be allowed that much to carry with us and how human we are that will be the quality of our passports. All the love we carry within us all through our life will get us visa soon, for trouble free clearance. So in my point of view our only worry should be, how can we be a better humanbeing and perform our duties rightfully. So when we aboard the flight to heaven we are in the business class.

Daily prompt:  Reservation

Cappuccino on flight.

Again just after one month, Iam in flight back to my brother’s place, for my children’s summer breaks.

As you all know I am a coffee buff, here also when I saw its on the menu, couldn’t stop myself from ordering one. The taste is awesome and its served piping hot. To tell you that why I am writing this post because that Iam ordering it for the first time on flight.

The combination of three things is deadly. Oh! You may think what three things then I must clear myself here that my love for coffe is first thing, finding it here onboard is second thing and the joy of meeting my brother and his family is third thing. Thus the combination is giving me high. The relaxation I am deriving from it is unexplainable. The aroma of coffee,and the scene out of the flight window…that is something requires admiration. In the crystal blue sky, white cottony wool clouds floating like little boats in the wide sea give me the feel that I am out there in the sky sitting on one of the soft cloud and sipping my hot cappuccino, looking arround the vast endless blue, which surrounds me and engulfs me into a deep serenity. This is filling my heart with calmness.

I wish this feeling to continue as it is making me forget all the worries and relxing my mind so much that I want to close my eyes and loose myself but doing so will make me doze off which means I will miss the chance to enjoy the beauty and wont be able to give the first hand description of what I am feeling and enjoying.

A mug of coffee can do so much. It boosts my spirit, gives my imagination a push, uplifts my mood and doubles the joy of the moment.

I love coffee, I really do and wont get bored of it anytime. Even the meremention of it makes me crave for a cuppa. Then rest is taken care of by its magic. Even the aroma of coffee is so magical that it carries me to places, gives me thoughts, even words and stories are inspired by it. I can go on writing about coffee or something imspired by it, but in half an hour flight is about to land soIhave to come out of my imagination and finish off my coffee and get ready to land.