My Mental Health Crisis Kit

I know many of you must be familiar with what I am talking about but some of you might be wondering what this crisis kit is all about.

So for those who are not aware that I suffer with mental health issues I would like to tell that there were moments when I was totally lost and suicidal.

It is all due to my therapist and coping methods that I can now breathe. From here when I look back, I wonder how I managed to get out of that pitch darkness. Sometimes it really hard to believe that I can now control my thought process to an extent. Hough I have regular mood swings which do turn to full episodes of depression or anxiety. I have panic attacks too, during such episodes but before they can engulf me completely, my Crisis kit comes in handy. It is for these tools or items, that I can manage the crisis.

What I carry in my mental health crisis kit?

  1. Phone
  2. Earphones
  3. Notebook
  4. Pen, Pencil
  5. Tab
  6. Medicines
  7. Books
  8. Painting note book
  9. Colors
  10. Instant Coffee
  11. Bestie’s contact Number
  12. Photos of kids

In time of need these items play a vital role. Apart from these, I have two more things to deal with mental health crisis. That is outing, anywhere, even window shopping does the trick and the other thing is shower.

My book is available online now.

Hi everyone.

I actually want to shout loudly, like crazy at this moment as my book is finally online. It is published. Like actually published. From past three years I’ve been working on it and you all are witness of my growth. Today is the day for which I prayed and you all blessed me.

Here I am sharing the links…if any one is generois enough to provide me with the review…or any sort of interaction I would love it.

Fighting With My Inner Demons

Fighting my inner demons

Hi all my WP family memebrs….I am too excited and overhelmed to share a news with you that couldnot stop myself from writing this post first, keeping my work aside.

Just now I recieved a mail from Olumpia publishers that they have gone through my synopsis and sample chapter of the book titled’ Fighting My Inner Devils’ and want my manuscript for further evaluation.

I dont know what is next but for now I am very happy that atleast I have finished one goal out of three. I already shared with you all friends out there that I am writing a book on, how I deal with my depression, anxiety and panic attacks, so this book of mine has started off its joureney and took its first step towards its final destinqtion.

I thank you all with my heart and feel deepest gratitude towards you, that you supported me, encouraged me and corrected me wherever neccessary. Please pray for it to passout with glowing colors. I need them the most. And with all your blessings and well wishes I know it can happen.

Thanks again for all the support and for standing by me.