Love story of Tycoon

It gives the feel of very intense romantic setting.

The master of this bedroom seems to be strong person with powerful personality. Fithy rich and personality of few words but believer of action. The world turns and changes on the mere raise of his eyebrow. A slight movement of his finger is enough to turn someone’s world upside down.

And this person handsomely smart god of starting features and good physique has fallen hard for some fragile and sweet soul. But is not able to confess and is doing all in his power to make her realise his feelings. Thus passed his restless night trying to sleep then waking up to sit on his laptop to divert his mind but failed.

The development of the story might result in his success to confess and win over her love or may be he turned into a beautiful diamond with his roughness polished to shine intact with the original sharpness, tough nature and dangerous personality but laced with softness to understand others, to control his anger and warmth for his love. Basically, a lethal weapon whose moves cannot be guessed. More deep more intense.


The image above is from Lhairton Kelvin Costa at Pexels.

He lay still like a stone, with palms open and the ancient key lying in it. The question is, did he find the lock or the curse found him first? Seeing him for the first time hinted that he might be not so lucky that his death found him at the crucial moment of the discovery. The ancient lock is said to be hiding a large precious treasure of the then warrior clan, in a hidden temple of Durian, the lost city. He used to say that only a true Durian can find and unlock the temple’s treasure. He found the rusty key somewhere unexpected, thus believed he was true descendant of the long lost clan and would unearth the treasure for the benefit of his other brothers and sisters. The shocking fact is, that he was not one of them but only the bearer of the key. Which he was supposed to deliver to the rightful person. All this was written clearly in the old manuscript he clenched in his another hand which lay across his chest. May be he realised it too late. But now the question is, who is the rightful owner or does the person actually exist. The common knowledge says, the Durians are long extinct clan. But the finding of key, says something else and the key bearer according to the manuscript, suggests there is some truth in the legend. There must be a true Durian. The right time is come for them to raise and shine. But the question still remains unanswered, ‘ who is or where is? ‘