Gosh..! Seems ages passed and I was like…Looking for something which had some meaning or atleast resonated with what I feel…and today at this time … 10.38 pm on 23rd Jan 21, I saw … a word which had every emotion I go through. …Thantophobia.

Since my childhood I’ve always hidden my actual feelings just in case If they are known, my loved ones will be dead or leave me alone. Some incidents in my childhood and early teens, confirmed it. And today I still struggle with the same fear. I have a feeling that I am still being haunted by it. May be its true, the fear. Though I am trying to overcome it but Time pushes my efforts back everytime and confirms that my fears are true.

Inspiring Thought 2

How to face your failures and break the fears.

When you are on the verge of giving up or hide behind your fear of failure, just remember why you started. For this you have to have a clear aim and a dream to die for. This will make you fight for success, no matter if initially you fail. You need to learn from your experiences. So that you don’t make same mistake again and again. Every new trial will take you one step ahead.

Dont be overconfident thinking that you cannot fail that when it happens you are lost! But same time you should neither be low esteemed and be afraid of failing but just be sure to give your 200% to whatever you do, with open heart. So that in any case you are benefitted. Only open attitude towards achieving your goals and dreams can take you forward and not the fear of failure. That’s the reason you should be not afraid of failure but of the fear of failure. What I think is that by R&D method you develop originality.

Fears keep you away from your heartiest desires and that can be the reason enough to not to fear failure. Don’t abandon your trials, be sincere and be happy. To conquer your fears you must get working instead of sitting and thinking about it. One more way to face failure is to take it as a step towards change because if you don’t learn you keep committing the same mistake. In fact failure should be used as a stepping stone towards success. Start thinking it as a way not a hinderance.

Always remember that fears are drawbacks and they limit our happiness. Learn to enjoy the process and let them be your inspiration.Be courageous enough not to stop.Be determined to succeed and don’t give up, no matter how long it takes, keep thriving, Failures bring you on the right path otherwise how would you know which direction to go?

Face your failures with dignity and courage.


Way back to home!

One late evening,time must be round about 6.30 or 7.00 p.m. We were returning back from dance class. The routine route had a road work going on so the route diversion was a necessity. This new route was a crisscross network of narrow roads between the colonies.

As it’s winter season the dark falls early and the roads get quiet too. One or two vehicles or pedestrians, we’re visible on the road. Half the shops were shut and the ones which were open had no customers. 

The lamposts are on large gaps. So the road was partially lighted. The wind was blowing with little buzzing sound. The trees on the roadside played sort of rough hushed music. 

We must have crossed half way when I had to take left for home, on the turn there is a semi constructed building, lying in same condition from last year and a half,  it has some ie about it. It’s always dark in and around that particular building and the adjective one is always lit. But this one on giving a side glance always gives shivers as it’s bit shaggy around it. And too lonely.  After crossing this patch and moving a 100 mts ahead on the opposite side lies another such building standing in the ground which is empty and is home to trees, shrubs and hedges.while we were crossing this patch the breeze became more cool and chilled. The sound of the fallen leaves was like someone was walking over them. I was startled and looked in that direction through the corner of my eyes. The shadows on the wall of the building were like someone stood there so I gave a sudden look and found that it was nothing but a shrub bending in such a way.

I drove ahead and turned into a narrow road. Driving for about 100 mts. in the dark, stood a figure very still like statue. At least in the meager light of the bike it appeared so. Then as I passed it, it jumped aside! It was actually a drunkard man trying to figure out which way to go. Then rest of the way passed in silence, partial darkness and cool and freezing wind trying to say something in the ear. But all this was till I reached the last turn, half a km before home, when  suddenly a black cat jumped out of nowhere in the darkness into the spotlight of the bike and ran away. I applied breaks which made a screeching sound and took a deep breath then moved on. Just out side the main entrance of our apartment thee is a small room like place build for gatekeeper which has never been used. There is some shabby growth of plants and shrubs and there is no light in that particular section so when we reached there and were about to turn in the drive way the sudden movement of shadows, due to bleak light coming from a distant street light, felt that some one is about to jump out of the dark corner. I speeded up the bike and raced directly into the cellar parking, where finally the lighting was proper. Parked the bike, took hold of frightened children and raced to the lift. While lift came down it made a screeching sound and holed with a jolt. In the lift I pressed the button to my floor and it started with the same jolt throwing us up in the air for about fraction of a second. But at last we were safely home.