Yesterday night I had a dream which made me scream.

I saw me and my children were in my bedroom discussing something and suddenly I felt fearful and as if something trying to harm us so I asked children to leave the room and when I tried to leave the room the door was stuck and the space was not sufficient for me to pass.

When I tried to open it a bit more it was not moving. Someone was holding it in place but was not visible. I started to scream but couldnot move a inch. At thus moment I realised I am dreaming and all this is not true but still I couldnot move or wake up. So started to scream louder hoping them to escape my dream and wake my hubby sleeping next to me, who in turn will pull me out of the situation. He is always a savior in such conditions…when he is around or else I suffer longer until the spell breaks on it’s own.

Some of these episodes were more hellish and unimaginable. I suffer this since childhood. FOWC:SCARY


Oh I know its not a new topic here on my blog as I already did 2 before this one. Or may be 3. But as the matter of fact , I am obsessed with the word coffee and the liquid itself, I can’t stop writing about it or getting inspired by it. It basically gives me a high feel. I mean when I am with my best pal, my coffee mug…I feel on top of the world. It makes me feel so content and satisfied that there is nothing in the world that can make me so fulfilled. Apart from my family ofcourse, but then living beings have a tendency to turn you down sometimes or the other no matter how close they are, but this darling of mine is just the same everytime i meet her. It wont complain of meeting after a long time or not meeting at all….or such things but will make me feel possitive everytime I am in the company. It always fills me with positive thoughts and make feel light hearted.

Today 8 habe two things to share with you, one, that my hubby got me two varieties of coffee from the coffee plantation estate he went to, for his work and bought me a coffee plunget, I was dreaming to get from quite a some time now. And the overwhelming reaction of mine hasn’t stopped till now, though coupl of days have passed snce I first hold in my hands. The mere thought of it makes me bubble with joy and the smioe starts to curve my lips. The amazing thing is that with these two new addition in coffee stack I have 5 varieties at my disposal to cater my mood. I am so happy with this knowladge that its just making me write about coffee on the verge of making others fright(because I dont think anyone might be writing that much on a go or so many posts on s8ngoe subject with same old feeling, of happiness ofcourse.ūüėÜ). I made coffee the whole day tomorrow for everyone and even was looking forward to guests who might turn up or should I invite them, was my quetion to my Mom in Law, over a coffee party…to which she was frightened and tried to pulled a hold on my edginess, lovingly petting on my shoulder and making fun of me. She too enjoyed the varieties of coffee I made.

The second thing which I want to share is an inspiration from Youtube video which showed an old British lady may be 80 years or so, doing salsa with a jaw dropping performance. All the judges were so dumbstruck by her performance that they couldn’t utter a word while she was in action. And when at last she told her story that how she had to give up her passion which she nurtured since she was a tod, after marriage and sattle in another country and her beloved husband passed away in just 18 months of them moving there and how she had look after her 4 children and take care of everything that when after years her children grew up she asked them if she can persue her career in dance and they all, as they are adorable children f adorable parents, encouraged their mother who once uad giben up all her dreams to upbring them. Now it was her time and there she stood in front of the judges and the audience of Britain Got Talent stage with the golden buzzer press3d for jer without a second thougt or even and further comments. This lady there has become my inspiration. I love her and adore her for being so courageous and not letting her dreams and hopes go away even after such a long time. I will stick to my dream and my hopes go. I will certainly do that onething I dreamt of, at any age…now onwards I wont think or feel disheartened by the fact that my age may not let me do or won’t suit to me after I am older…necause dreams dont have age limit they live long enough to be fulfilled. Its us who give up hope putting forth many excuses to hide our holessness. So from now on I am going to cling harder to my dream and will keep nudgging myself whenever I start loosing hope.

Hat’s off to you grand maa and my dearest coffee to keep smiling and believing that there is always a sunshine no matter how dark is the night.

My realization.

Dreams are for being realized. No matter what problems come in your way, don’t get disheartened and act in haste or irrational way. Taking decision at once may result in own loss, not anyone else. At least I have learnt this recently. Rethinking with cool mind may give you new ways out to reach your goal. May be it will take some more time, some more patience and hard work. But believe me it will happen whether with someone’s help or you alone will do it. SO be ready and get prepared to walk alone if time demands. Keep sticking to your dreams, breath them and live them. This is the only way to realize them.

Waiting to see you all on the other side of the land where the grass is green, sky is blue and life is beautiful.

Desires not Wishes.

Hmmm…the first month of new year already a week old. And we all are still struggling with our wishes and resolutions but tell you what? I am not into this madness. I don’t have resolutions at all. I only have heart felt desires. And I believe that one day I am going to make it big anyhow. Because desires are something more powerfully backed up with intense willingness¬† to fulfill them.

And my desires are not in much. Not so many at least. Only 2 or 3 at maximum. First is to keep writing and writing and writing, that brings us to second which is to work more on my book ‘ Fighting¬† with My Inner Devils’ and the last one is to materialize my dream to own my channel on You Tube about abandoned places and buildings.

I am working hard on latter one. Actually it requires thorough research and pre work. I know I have to do lot before starting it but believe me its kind of dream which requires me to spend some sleepless nights just to realize it. As of the book I’ve completed the intro, first chapter and started second one. I will do the proof reading and editing later on, that is after completing. And writing will anyhow continue. And one day I will write the script for the movie I am dreaming of since my teenage. And hope that it will be somewhere soon in the near future.

Hope one day soon I will be talking about them in present tense and how I feel after accomplishing all these dreams.

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Sleep paralysis and hallucinations 

Aaaaahh…! So scary yet non avoidable..this is the situation. I have sympathy with the victims of sleep paralysis and hallucinations. No! Don’t get me wrong.. I to am the victim of it since I remember. I have many experiences engraved in memories, scene by scene. 

The latest being very weird as it was not that horrible but strange and for the first time it felt that I have tried to move my hand that s not physical and felt the jerk in my shoulder…may be an OBE or what else. This is the second time I felt this movement but first time it was not followed by SPAH. This was thrilling till I didn’t have SPAH because it was very disturbing,  emotionally this time. And to come out of it I tried to rotate my wrist and after sometime found my voice and surprisingly I was not sleeping at all, my eyes were open and was seeing my children sleeping. When I shouted ‘aaahh’ that time I could turn and see my husband awake from my sound and comforting me. But believe me this the second time that I am wide eyed. Last it was when I saw a girl standing in my window and trying to scare me and instead I screamed  towering over her and then was shaken by my husband. 

Whenever I have these episodes I can’t go back to sleep, soon. But this time it was different and after my husband shook me I just shrugged of the whole episode like dust over shoulder and slept calmly like that was nothing. Just was emotionally disturbed by it. This is a first time experience. Because I saw my hubby pressing my wrist to my side and sing something in a voice that doesn’t belong to him later I recognised that it was his mistress’ and thus emotional rather then horrible but in a way more disturbing and horrible than any scary experience. These days whenever I am having these SPAH episodes I am encountering someone related to me then turning in to someone else to scare me. I don’t know why this is happening but it’s really sad and undesirable. My mom who passed away 7 to 8 years back is most reoccurrent in these episodes. Once she came into my husband’s dream and said I have come to take my daughter back with me and took my hand and started to walk out of the door when my husband shouted my name loudly and seeing me beside him slept peacefully. Since then I am either seeing my both dead parents in my dreams or her in my SPAH episodes. In dreams they ask me to accompany them back home or they usher  e into car and drive back. In SPAH I am either smothered or terrified or tried to be killed. Only once she came in SPAH before coming in my hubby’s dream and that was 6 years back but since then nothing. 

No what all this means I don’t know but I don’t want to get emotionally drained rather prefer to be scared to death.

Follow Your Heart

follow your heart

chase your dreams

life is too short

to ponder on

‘coz dreams are the fabric

happiness is made of

in the end

happiness is what

we’re looking for

in this life….


if you love something,

your passion is what

drives it to you,

nature is at its best

uniting you with your love,

mind is always behind logics

and logics aren’t always the way to happiness,

happiness is what

we’re looking for

in this life….




Go where your dreams

   Take you

They’re whispers from your¬†


And they only know 

    The way

Memories of past take 

     You back

Make dreams memories of

      Your future

Don’t be afraid of hardships

       On your way

‘Coz difficult roads often endup¬†

       At beautiful destinations