Thesedays I am in ‘Pink City’ Jaipur. My daughter is going for clasicaal dance classes here too, thoufh short term course. Here the timings are same, 5 to 6 pm. The class is in basement so I have to weight outside if I wish to, that is on the ground floor.

Sometimes I see a lady here, who comes to drop and pick her daughter, just like me. I never talk to strangers but one evening the lifht went off while I went to drop my daughter, so was waiting for her to let me know whether there is class or not, when the same lady came smiling to me and stopped infront of my scooter, so had to ask her, ‘ what?’ Then she started talking about every topic from jer daughter’s dance class joining to how her relations are with her family. No I am not saying that she was just another talktive pwrson omplaining about family and all, that too to a total stranger, but she was sharing her problem with me. A well educated at2d lady who actually worked as a college lecturer, now full time mother who was denied to work onve married. So at length she said that her in laws were not letting her go to her parents place, which is in anothee city. And I just suggested her to make her decision and let them know instead of asking for their permission. After that day, I met her two days later,i.e yesterday.

Sh3 was so happy I mean her face was glowing and her eyes were beaming with happiness. She came running to me when I went to pick my daughter, and holding my hands she started thanking me. She was so ezcited that first 5 minutes she couldn’t say anything but smiled and giggled. After restoring her breath, she managed to say,’where were you, so many days? Why didn’t we met earlier?’ Then she revealed that taking my suggestion seriously, she kept on thinking whole night and the next morning informed about her decision to her family. To me she said that I was the first person who knows that her tickets were confirmed and that she is leaving on a particular date. She didnt tell this to her husband also. She was so happy taking her own decision and finalising it that now onwards sje wanted to cary this carefree attitude, in every walk of her life. She even felt sorry that we will be in touch for few days. She asked for my number so that we can be in touch even when I rerurn back to my place.

This experience was so thrilling, I mean someone getting so much happiness from just talking to me, totally a new thing for me. This reminds me of one more incident, occured few days prior ro this one. In a parlor, the lady attendant who was giving me pedicure, suuddenly startd shari g her painful experiences at home, with me. And gave her number saying if and whenever I require any service I can call her. She too said that she felt very light hearted after talking to me.

I don’t know what to make out of this but it gave me immense pleasure. And to be true, thrill and excitement. Just felt like sharing so did. If anyone can throw some light over this then please do.

Back to dance class.

I am back in dance class after many days. Think months. But still am back. Though it’s hot now a days our here and am going our for summer vacations of children but till then me and children both will have some fresh moments. Coming here literally refreshes me and them out.
It’s like an activity for my mind to relieve the burden off. I just enjoy some me time here and get to see new people who can be characters for my write up. Plus who won’t enjoy the fresh air outside the four walls.
So today there are all new children here apart from my children. My son was feeling shy but his little sister was so enthusiast to enter her zone that she didn’t wait for her brother and just entered and mingled with others.
I hope to continue comming to these classes ignoring the little discomfort of hot weather outside. Plus we, I mean my daughter and me are planning to go for morning walks from tomorrow as my son has school going on. I think there in the garden the cool morning air and new people and new surrounding will give me more inspiration to write, write something new.
Wish me luck that everything goes as planned.

Way back to home!

One late evening,time must be round about 6.30 or 7.00 p.m. We were returning back from dance class. The routine route had a road work going on so the route diversion was a necessity. This new route was a crisscross network of narrow roads between the colonies.

As it’s winter season the dark falls early and the roads get quiet too. One or two vehicles or pedestrians, we’re visible on the road. Half the shops were shut and the ones which were open had no customers. 

The lamposts are on large gaps. So the road was partially lighted. The wind was blowing with little buzzing sound. The trees on the roadside played sort of rough hushed music. 

We must have crossed half way when I had to take left for home, on the turn there is a semi constructed building, lying in same condition from last year and a half,  it has some ie about it. It’s always dark in and around that particular building and the adjective one is always lit. But this one on giving a side glance always gives shivers as it’s bit shaggy around it. And too lonely.  After crossing this patch and moving a 100 mts ahead on the opposite side lies another such building standing in the ground which is empty and is home to trees, shrubs and hedges.while we were crossing this patch the breeze became more cool and chilled. The sound of the fallen leaves was like someone was walking over them. I was startled and looked in that direction through the corner of my eyes. The shadows on the wall of the building were like someone stood there so I gave a sudden look and found that it was nothing but a shrub bending in such a way.

I drove ahead and turned into a narrow road. Driving for about 100 mts. in the dark, stood a figure very still like statue. At least in the meager light of the bike it appeared so. Then as I passed it, it jumped aside! It was actually a drunkard man trying to figure out which way to go. Then rest of the way passed in silence, partial darkness and cool and freezing wind trying to say something in the ear. But all this was till I reached the last turn, half a km before home, when  suddenly a black cat jumped out of nowhere in the darkness into the spotlight of the bike and ran away. I applied breaks which made a screeching sound and took a deep breath then moved on. Just out side the main entrance of our apartment thee is a small room like place build for gatekeeper which has never been used. There is some shabby growth of plants and shrubs and there is no light in that particular section so when we reached there and were about to turn in the drive way the sudden movement of shadows, due to bleak light coming from a distant street light, felt that some one is about to jump out of the dark corner. I speeded up the bike and raced directly into the cellar parking, where finally the lighting was proper. Parked the bike, took hold of frightened children and raced to the lift. While lift came down it made a screeching sound and holed with a jolt. In the lift I pressed the button to my floor and it started with the same jolt throwing us up in the air for about fraction of a second. But at last we were safely home.

A Lady

I am sitting in the dance class waiting lounge as usual, waiting for my children’s class to get over.

There enters a woman, full of over confidence, attitude and air of superiority. But when you look at her appearance it’s just normal. She is not a beauty but simple, has shoulder length hair, wheatish complexion, medium built, average height.

She wears a saree with her ‘anchal’ always tucked on her waist, covering her shoulder but leaving her waist uncovered from one side. She holds a mobile in one hand and scooter keys in another.

Won’t stop at the class more than a minute or 2 maximum but buildup she gives is like she is going to stay around for whole one hour.

When she speaks to her children it’s like she is more interested to show,how well she is with them, to others, rather than really interacting with them. Though she is a Hindi speaking lady, but in front of other parents she will talk in English.  Specially with other Hindi speaking parents. And to her children she will say one word in Hindi and rest sentence in English and the second sentence will completely be Hindi. Then as she notices that someone is noticing her she will start communicating in English.

And tries to show herself as very carefree person and different from rest in the lounge.

For instance if a mobile rings, the person goes out of the lounge in the open area to take the call, but she…nah! She won’t go out instead she will straight head to office room and there she will take a chair and flung her legs cross and will start conversing in hindi mix English and laughing loudly, speaking some words bit loud that everyone can hear what she is talking. Then the look she gives is of see how you all are interested in what I am talking.  She won’t even wait for others to end there conversation and will pickup somewhere in between. The joke is the other two people are not even talking to her. She ignores people in a way that says ‘ you don’t exist where I am present’ and the fleeting look she gives is a confirmation of this attitude.

On seeing her first, I had only one thought that some serials and movies have this kind of characters after them or this type characters are developed watching these movie or TV serial characters. Basically she is really an irritating character.


It’s not that I am in a criticising mood but that I can’t ignore describing her. She looks like a typical character of ‘saas bahu drama.’