Addition to my TBR

Hi people who all love to read…..😇

On last Sunday I got to fill my space with some more books.🥰. I am just so happy that I couldn’t stop myself feom sharing my books with you all…

Though, being busy last week I could take out some time and manage to get some books. I love reading anything under the sun. I don’t limit myself to any particular gener so there is mix of everything in my addition to the TBR pile this time also.

One, for sure, is many times recommend book The Alchemist. Others are also the taste of non fiction, fantasy, children books etc. This time for History I got The Origin Of Species.

To start with, I have completed 1st chapter of The Alchemist and let’s see when I get over the top of my TBR or again there is any addition to it.

Yeah, one more thing I wanted to share…that my Lovely Daughter, who is 10 now, picked up the reading and writing habit from me. So, she has her own TBR! Next I will be sharing her’s and what all she has read up till now.

My TBR Pile

History and historical fiction

Lie on top of all

The books that describe romance

Come next to horror and thrill

Biographies, self help, non-fictions

And travel stories with memoirs

Lie just below them

Or shall I say

They are the first bought books

I have lot to read, a shelf full

But I am still drowning in current book

Everyday, I look at my shelf

And heart swells with love

I swear not to buy new books

Till I finish off all these

But every second Sunday

I can’t stop myself and buy few more

There is no more space

On my TBR shelf

But the pile grows

No matter what my mind says

My heart has its own way

And thus it’s the story

Of my ever-growing TBR Pile