How the happiness is in our hands?

For our happiness we are not dependent on some outer sources. It all lies in our hands and as it’s said, ” happiness is not a station you arrive at but the journey.” So, yes it’s the state our heart dwells in. Or say, like sadness happiness, too, is an emotion that is in our heart. And to some extent we can make it happen.

There are some important points and actions that on being performed, actually lead to happiness. But, we have to follow those regimes as religion. Believe in ourselves and have faith in what we do, that sooner or later happiness is going to be our eternal situation. Leading us to have a fulfilled and content life.

Activities that lead to happiness.

For all, same things might not work as deeply as they work for some, but they do work their magic and pull us out from unlikely moods and episodes of darkness. So, do try them and if you do know already, then keep your life light hearted and enjoy every moment as we get only one chance to come, make it count.

1. Peace of mind.

First and most important of all, is peace of mind. This alone comprises of larger part of keeping us happy. If you are at peace with your mind then you will be able to balance every situation and life itself. So, do what let your heart and mind feel at peace.

2. Living in the present.

In our busy day to day life, we are running madly behind… nothing but materialistic things…confusing them with success or happiness. We place our desires in future and think we will be happy on achieving them but that future technically is not accessible. As future is something that never comes but its always the Present that we face. Living in present means, being free from the worry and endless wait for the real life to begin. Stay calm without worrying for the next moment, slow down a bit, take a break from hustle of life to notice and feel everything around. Breaking down of big things into small moments will make us mentally and emotionally relaxed and that brings happiness.

3. Doing what gives happiness.

Actions and activities that give us happiness are catalysts. Doing what one loves is the source of soulful happiness. This means anything possitive and productive…like a morning walk or reading or cooking or even doing nothing, just chilling is also a source of happiness, because you are at peace with yourself and are relaxed.

4. Lot of me time.

Doing something for yourself, that something which gives you satisfaction of doing something for yourself and yourself alone. Spending time purely for yourself even if nothing more than taking a long needed rest.

5. Self Care.

Taking care of yourself. Indulging into the activities of actually nurturing your health. Taking out time for skin care, facial care, head message, following medication without fail, bathing, getting ready, drinking water etc. Make yourself a priority and the world will follow.

6. Friends.

The best medicine for heavy days, or the best way to make life light, the presence of friends is mandatory. Keep in touch, always.

7. Read & Write.

These activities transport you into the whole new world. You experience what you desire but don’t have. You live hundreds of lives as different people, just in one life. Sitting in your place, you could be anywhere in any era. You get different experiences and knowledge and your heart feels content.

8. Travelling & Touring.

It makes you happier and recharges you. The biggest thing about it is that, it relieves anxiety and stress. It makes you creative by gathering vivid experiences.

9. Get together.

Meeting your family and friends in a get together. Laughing out all your worries and tensions is another good way of being happy.

10. More experiences less stuff.

People who gether experiences rather than physical stuff are more happier than people with materialistic possessions. Materialistic happiness fades more quickly whereas moments or experiences last longer. In the long run, it’s the experiences that make people happier than stuff.

11. Exercises and Meditation.

Two most important activities. One keeps you physically happy the other strengthens mental health. Concentration power is increased.

12. Small activities.

Watching butterflies, wild flowers, Indian rose, Tulips and lotus pond, movies, videos and TV. A mug of coffee with sandwiches, and lot more.

So, you see our happiness solely depends on us. No external help required. Being happy and staying so, us required to lead a successful and content life.

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