Laundry as unsorted thoughts

I hate folding laundry. Actually, I must say, I just can’t bring up myself to do this tedious job. My biggest procrastination after writing is folding the washed laundry.

It happens many times that I go to fold it and then giving it a look my mind to me says,’ Nah! Some other time. Any other day. You have lot more things to do right now.’ And then I cross pass the laundry. Then days turn into weeks and weeks into a month.

My laundry is then cleared in instalments…I mean, my hubby folds and keeps his clothes, though being a busy bee and completely submerged into his work, he does takes out time . Then my kids do their part and in last my daughter helps me out with mine.

I don’t know why but I just can’t do it. Sorting out laundry feels like sorting out my thoughts and I just hate sorting out my thoughts. May be that’s why My laundry keeps on mounting day by day just like my thoughts pile up in my head and sometimes try to explode and when I try to write, all mixed up and confused emotions come out. Which takes long to organise.

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