Held hostage

It’s been 2 hours since she was on the road, walking-running all the way from a building but not reaching somewhere, she felt safe.

Sudden cramps in her abdomen, told her that the time is near. She cannot keep on going pointlessly. She needed to  look for some nursing home or any clinic or else the child might come out on its own, under the sky right here on the road.

Lying on the hospital bed, eyes closed she relived her ordeal as a hostage. That morning she was leaving to meet the doctor when a call from her husband’s office interrupted her. She was asked to bring his bank documents to office while on her way to doctor.

From the frozen glass door she tried to peep in her husband’s cabin. She couldn’t make out, who was in there and how many of them but she guessed,  the black shadowy figure by the window is her husband, who wore black and black that day for the meeting. But why was he in strange position, she thought to herself.

Giving no serious thought to the oddity of the situation, she knocked the door and not waiting for the answer, pushed the door open. The scene inside was more than what she could take.

Her eyes started to flicker and there was a strong but sharp tinkling sound in her ears. It felt like the curtains were being drawn in front of her eyes and the light became dull. Slowly, she sat on the floor making a soft ruffled sound.

Her husband tried to jerk up from his chair, forgetting he was tied to it. Half of his face was covered in crimson fluid oozingout of a deep cut across the forehead; ending just below hairline and dripping down on his chest. The white shirt, he wore under the black blazer, had changed its color.

He wriggled his wrists and ankles in hope of getting them free. He shouted and cursed the 2 men standing in front of his office almirah. One of them, in turn thrashed the computer keyboard on his head.

Husband’s head rolled back. Hurriedly, the second person, who seemed abnormal, stuffed husband’s mouth with hand towel and tied with his tie. After dealing with the man, they turned their attention towards the wife. She was still sitting on the floor by the door with eyes closed, as if sleeping soundly.

Older man took the documents from her hand and checked for the papers he  had asked for. Satisfied with his founding, he signaled the young boy for them to leave. But he was having other thoughts.

Older man took two steps ahead and turned back to call his young companion, ‘ We need to leave before the other staff comes in.’

‘I’m not fine yet.’ came blunt reply. Boy’s face was reddened. Eyes wide open, dark and some unexplainable emotion swept in them. His lips tightened and face became taught. Jaw muscles flicked and he swallowed hard looking at the girl below. He extended his hand towards her. ‘Stop it! We don’t have time for all this.’ the man cried.

‘You forgot, it’s Sunday today…he came here just to meet us. And now go close the door..no one’s gonna come here’ boy replied with strange smile.

‘Mmmm…’ she murmured in a soft voice and stretched her hands on her sides to feel where she was. It was soft and padded below her. The texture was smooth and buttery to the touch. She knew where she was. She could see some strange dark patterns on opening her eyes and sprang up straight. She felt her head with her hands and then with shaking fingers traced her face and found there was something wrapped across.

Frightened, she looked around in vain. She heard a soft chuckle. Before she could understand what was happening, she felt a tug at the neckline of her top. She jerked off the hand and stood up and digging at the wrap over eyes. Again, she felt a hand around her waist that  tried to pull her down. She swung around and hit hard with her knee  where she hoped the person’s face could be. She succeeded to pull the cloth off of her  face.

Now, she could see the young boy rubbing his face. Situation was soon clear, her husband’s money lenders were now wanted something from her as an interest. Which she could not agree to at any cost. But the boy was behaving strange. She ran to another room and locked.the door behind her. This was small pantry with a window  beside the door and a small table by the adjecent wall, that served as dining table. She hid under it, resting her back to the wall. Knees folded up to her chest and head bent over. Attending sound was heard and she hold her breath tight and covered her mouth with her palms so that no sound could escape.

Next moment, there was a loud shattering sound of glass and there he was standing in that dimly lit room. He looked around and noticed everything about the room. She saw his legs,below the knees, coming towards her.

There was little dust on his shoe toe, otherwise shoe with mirror shine. She saw, he slowly bent down and wiped his shoe toe with white handkerchief. While bending, he turned his neck towards her and lifted his eyes. There was a strange smile from eye to eye on his face, lips wet and a dark twinkle in his eyes. His gaze froze her literally and physically. He said,’ Can’t move now, can you?’

As he neared her, she hurled the table over him and ran to free herself. She once looked towards him, and then back to the window. She kept her hands over her belly, protecting the baby from any jerks she might get. Then hopped out of the broken window.

Out in the reception area, she found the older man sitting with his elbows pinned on his thighs and head buried in his palms. She tip toed to her husband’s room. He sat with head tilted back, eyes closed and breathing very slow. Blood stained his face, front of his shirt and dampened his hair and collar of the blazer.

She inhaled sharply and before she could let out a scream, a hand covered her mouth from back. Her eyes went wide and breath uneasy. Sweat droplets appeared over forehead and dripped from temple towards cheek. She turned her eyeballs to her left, to look who it was?

But, till then it was too late. He jerked her up into his arms and carried to the work area. She wriggled, twisted and turned to get herself free but in vain. She screamed and bit his forearm but he just flinched. He made her stand by the pillar and asked his companion to help him.

‘This is not right.’ the older man said and continued,’besides, we are not here, for this.’ ‘Don’t you try to preach me. And now do as I say.’ The boy hissed. Both duct taped her to the pillar. ‘Now, for what we are here; I helped you to get what you wanted so, isn’t it fair on your part, to reward me?’ Shaking his head, Old man returned back to the reception area.

Boy, then moved closer her and touched her belly. She flinched. He started to increase the pressure and this made her scream in horror. He stopped for a fraction of a second then glancing up to her face, his hand changed it’s position. Now it crawled down at her back. She, shrieked and tossed her head violently from side to side. ‘Stop IT!’ She cried. His hand did not stop but grabbed her neck, instead. His face came closer and closer, inch apart from her face, he stopped. Looked down at her swollen eyes from crying and natural red lips, which were dry from fear. ‘ I am loving it.’ with pitiless smile he murmured into her ear. He paused then continued, ‘I will stop only when you can’t scream anymore.’ By this time the older man had returned into the room.

With a sudden movement of his hands, he grabbed the boy from his nape and pulled him away. The boy couldn’t balance himself and fell down. His head hit the ground with a bang that he fell unconscious the same moment. Old man freed her and signalled her to go away.

Once outside, she had much time to think about the rescue of her husband. But first, she had to look some safe place for herself and the baby inside her. She kept running, looking around. At a point of time, her strength gave way and she collapsed once again. Unlike this time, it was near a small market, where people pitted her condition and took her to the hospital.

Her condition demanded quick action. She was taken to the OT and the procedure started. It was by God’s grace, that nothing serious had happened to the baby and it took the natural course to come into this world. It was all over in no time yet she kept on shouting for another 5 minutes, out of pain, fear or joy, no one knows. May be a mix of overwhelmed feeling.

She opened her eyes, flooded with tears of relief and wondered, ‘what is worse, emotional pain or physical pain. Looking down kissed her baby’s head. Took him closer to her Blossom and smiled, first time in last 24 hours.

Doctor entered the room and a smile on his face assured her that her husband was taken care of and now out of danger. The police was already informed of the misadventure she went through. She tilted her head back, and this time it was a sign of relief, an end of an ordeal.

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