Krishna Kumari Mewar

A Princess whose death is a mystery.

Krishna Kumari was a Rajput princess of Mewar. I mentioned about her in my previous post,` A love story that brought upheaval- Raskapur & Swai Maharaja Jagat Singh.She was the daughter of Rana Bhim Singh of Udaipur. She was engaged to Maharaj Bhim SIngh Of Jodhpur, at an early age. He died before their marriage could take place.

It was then that other suitors for her came forward. Among them were Maharaj Man Singh of Jodhpur( deceased Bhim Singh`s younger brother) and Maharaj Swai Jagat Singh of Jaipur. This brought rivalry among the once friends, Jodhpur and Jaipur.

The rivalry of suitors escalated into a war between the rulers of the two kingdoms along with Udaipur, Gwalior, Indore and Tonk. The fact behind all this was that Mewar kings did not agree to set matrimonial alliences with Mughals, though surrendering to them. They were left poor in comparision to other neighbouring states. Thus, making hand of Krishna Kumari, princess of Mewar most desirable in the country.

In 1810 Amir Khan of Tonk attacked Jodhpur on behalf of Jaipur but later left as he was not given his due . So, after being bribed by Jodhpur he helped Man Singh. He then met Udaipur Maharana and gave him an ultimatum to give the princess hand in marriage to Jodhpur king or kill his daughter to end the war. If Maharana fails to do so, he will himself attack his kingdom. Some say Holkar of indore mediated and suggested that Maharan should marry off his princess to him, instead.

Some say chroniclers and panegyrists tried to write it off as Pathan’s suggestion but in actual, his attack and ultimatum resulted in Bhim Singh himself taking the decision to put his own daughter to death, considering as the trouble.

Mystery Of Her Death

They say how smilingly she drank the posion and chose her death over the dishonour of her clan. Actually she was not left with any other choice but to drink the poison. It is assumed that her mother was standing in the room when her father asked her to drink the poison in the name of saving her people from the disaster. And even when her mother tried to stop her she drank it.

Daulat Singh of Karjali.

Daulat Singh of Karjali was asked by Bhim Singh to accomplish the task of killing the princess but he refused to do so. Then the king gave the duty of the job to be done, to the ladies of the palace. They prepared the princess mentally and physically to drink the poison. And when she was offered the cup she drank it willingly but to their surprise she was not affected. A second cup was offered but nothing happened and the third had the same effect and she stood alive even after drinking three cups of poison. Then in last the ladies with heavy heart laced her cup with opium, the last resort. And the poor girl, drank that too without hesitation and fell asleep never to rise up.

On finding out that thousands of lives were on stake just because of her, the poor sixteen year old Krishna Kumari agreed to scarifice her life and committed suicide. In other words provoked to die and some say she was murdered.

Bhim Singh turned his daughter`s palace into a shrine owing to the memory of her courage. Still you can find that in the city palace Udaipur. A memory of a daughter of Mewar who was thus forced to commit suicide.

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