Truthful Tuesday- Quality time spent

As we all know 2020, a dreadful year, is about to end in couple of days. This year might have snatched a lot of opportunities, freedom, entertainment etc. but still I found a very precious gift disguised in the form of lockdowns and self quarantines- the quality time my ever busy hubby was able to spend with us. He understood the hard work I do and the pain I go through.

To my surprise he asked my in laws to help me in chores. He also spent good time with kids and their bonding strengthened and they painted the bricks for terrace, watched movies together and told stories, exercised and pranked. The whole house was heals over head.

He helped me in house chores, did what he never thought he could or would do. One day he called me and said that he wants to spend whole life in same way, in future as he felt he understood me better and felt my importance in his life.

This year has given me a very big gift of life, which was not possible in any other way. I will miss this time somewhere in future and that’s for sure.

Written for Frank-PC Guy’s Truthful Tuesday.

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