The Girl on the Classroom Door.

he was sitting all alone in classroom all puzzled up. 
the paper was lying in front of him…blank spaces staring at him. he rested his elbows on the desk and held his face at forehead. now sweat was shining on his temples and on brows.
he again looked up towards the class door.
She was still there, leaning against the wall. smiling. he shook his head and tried to concentrate on his paper but every now and then his gaze stopped on her.
he was now biting his nails, shaking his head vigorously.
one last time he looked at the door and then threw away the paper and holding his head, his fingers now fondling his hair, started to pull at them hard. his helplessness rolled down his cheeks, with pain the the lips stretched back showing his clenched teeth.
‘ what’s the matter with you?’ placig the paper back in front of him, Mrs. James, the teacher asked.
he pointed towards the door without looking up. ‘ yes the door but what?’ Mrs. James asked again. ‘ ask her …t-to LEAVE.’ he said. ‘ Ask whom? ‘ asked Mrs. James and after a brief pause released a sigh, ‘ Enough! You are wasting time’ Mrs. James continued.
He looked up from teacher’s face to girl’s still grinning face, who was now chewing a gum and appeared very careless, for a couple of times open mouthed and wide eyed.
he all of a sudden banged his head on the desk and there was darkness all around as if someone has switched off all the lights and blind folded him.
with a loud and fast paced hammering in his head, he opened his eyes surrounded by medical equipments and with his mother sitting on the bed near his feet covering her face with handkerchief. yet the sobs escaped.

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