Best advice giving authors.

For me the week winners are two not one. First is Alexa Donne and the other is Jenna Moreci. They are established authors and author tubers. I will share the links to their channels below for you all to have a look.

Now, for why I call them this week’s winners. There are so many writing advices all over the Internet that they confuse you or even demotivate an aspiring writer. But for these two people I would say that, they are different and simple. In other words, their advices are more approachable and practical. It’s easy to follow and apply what they say. Even they burst the myths of many superfluous advices making round on the net.

They made my writing journey very easy. After listening to them I realised that it is what I always wanted writing to be. They are saying what I always wanted to hear but no one told me.

Now, I have started again to write and trying to complete my short story collection and editing of my novel. Hopefully, I will finish my work soon and get to see my words printed in black and white.

The links to pretty ladies, the saviours of my writing journey.

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