Commonplace book

Recently found out about commonplace book and was confused about what it was and on researching about it got even more confused! Why? Because it is so similar to writers notebook.

May be not exactly, but so much similarities are present, one such similarity is, commonplace book is not a diary or a travelogue, alike the writers notebook. After this I searched even more about it and found out, that there is one for writers, called writer’s commonplace book. And here I go again. When looking into what one can write in it, I was surprised to see the same topics as writers notebook. Where I was keen, on first finding it, to start my own commonplace book but after knowing what all goes in there, I finally dropped the idea of starting it. Now, further talking about it, I found out where there is commonplace journal also where notes and quotes from our readings are kept.

One more thing which is cleared to me now, after searching about commonplace book is that you make or write notes about the book or whatever you are reading so that you might utilise it when needed so going by the definition, I am already doing this commonplace book thing before coming to know about it. But the Idea as a whole is very fascinating. I may start it in near future when one of my writers notebook is over. On the second thoughts I might start one for reading and recording my development as I have to start reading more extensively again.

Please, you all out there, my friends whoever has any idea about this commonplace book please do share with me so that I can get more elaborated knowledge on it.

4 thoughts on “Commonplace book

  1. Going by the name, it can either mean that it’s a book to everywhere for noting down anything that may crop up suddenly in one’s mind. More like a writer’s book where any idea, an inspiration gets noted down for further elaboration/deliberation. Have read about an interesting concept that was prevalent in the house of the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. His brother Jyotirindranath Tagore had installed a notebook at the entrance to their house and visitors were encouraged to note down any idea, any poem, anything that came to their mind at that moment in time when they were visiting the house. Since the book was a commonplace book, it could count as one precisely matching to the name. 🙂

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    1. Wow! Thank you. You added a beautiful fact to my knowledge. Gurudev was a genius and as far as I know, in school we were taught about his brother as his inspiration. So, that , means he too was a great laureate with wide knowledge spectrum.

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      1. Jyotirindranath was a multi-faceted personality who, somehow proved to be a bit unlucky as far as his work life/personal life was concerned. He was full of ideas and zeal but somehow couldn’t execute things to perfection. A great personality nonetheless.

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      2. I am in complete agreement with you. He was a great personality. Our syllabus should include a chapter on him too. Perfection is not everything. There is lot to learn from him, which could help in learning life lessons and other great things from such a great personality

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