Cake making

It was her idea to bake a cake. But my heart didn’t agree to permit her to do so. She is so small, how could she accomplish such a nasty job.

But then I had to give up against her constant nagging to do a cake all by herself.

So, finally today she assembled everything needed for her cake. With so much enthusiasm and happy mood, she started her work, but two ingredients fell short. My heart broke thinking she might feel bad, but to my surprise in a very cool manner she asked for the substitutes. And I was a proud happy mommy to oblige.

The initial idea was to bake a chocolate cake, but as we were short of adequate amount of chocolate we made chocolate, vanilla and the icing was divided into two parts. One for the inner layer and the other for top layer.

The cake took 25 to 30 minutes to bake on the gas, till then I asked her to finish her lunch. But her excitement was so much that every now and then she wanted to check on its progress. Finally, when it was done her excitement was on top. While cutting the cake she told the family members that it’s her birthday, so, everyone should sing a birthday song for her which we did happily. And my heart swelled with love for the child, seeing her face glowing with pride of accomplishment.

Well, I didn’t mention her age.. she is in grade 4 and 8 years old.

Thanks for reading a proud mommy’s little girl’s beautiful accomplishment.

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