Follow up on Previous post.

The time plays a big role on our actions. This I can say by my most recent post. The post involves my thoughts over suicide of Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot.
My view over suicide is same as described in the above mentioned post but believe me it was not intended to be expressed in this way, I mean the post. The time changed and mind played it’s trump card, ‘ The Depression ‘ and each word of it (post/) the feel of it went for a toss. And nowit shows the inner turmoil of my mind.
Depression, really can change everything. It has the real power to squeeze away a single drop of hope and light from your life. People who don’t get it, don’t understand it. It is like a sleeping monesterous snake or a ugliest and dangerous demon residing in your mind.
They say it is cureable but they forget it’s not a chalk on the board that can be dusted off. It is for real and is there to stay for ever, denting your mind. It may sleep for a while but never goes away and keeps lurking in the darkest and deepest places of your mind, controlling your life, moods and every thing that used to be you. It replaces actual you with your replica. You start feeling like a stranger in your body, in your own home and lonely with your loved ones. Everything change, every aspect of life!
It cannot be cured but kept at bay by avoiding the triggers. Like what happened in the case of the previous article. The post was supposed to be about the actor and his sudden death which shook me to the cores of my soul. I don’t know why but it did. But before I could sir down to write something happened at my end that the darkness rose from its hiding and damped the feelings and the outcome is what you read or will read.

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