Found the missing link.


Sorry everyone I keep missing my every day post to WP but there is a reason behind. I am working on my book and a short story.

So, first thing first, I already completed my book and now working on second edit. Secondly, I am working on a short story and was stuck on missing link between the first part and the middle one which drives the story towards it climax.

But finally I stroked on point today. I am feeling so light that wanted to share my happiness with you all.

Will give you a glimpse of my story. So my girl is a urban dweller and is a schizophrenic whose parents died in a car accident recently along with her childhood friend who was trying to save her. She is so depressed that she tries to commit suicide failing which she interviews three contract killers who subsequently fail to do their job. Her friend tries to talk her out of the madness to kill herself and that there was no childhood friend who died saving her. Their argument was overheard by Death in personification, who presents himself to do the job and finally ends falling on love with her.

After the story is ready to be published will share the link. Hope you all like the summery and give me your valuable inputs.

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