Sunny Day

Putting her hand over her face to cover her eyes from discomfort of bright light, she tried to remember where she was.

Her vision was blurred. She turned her head trying recognize the place. But a sharp pain stuck her head. Rubbing and trying to adjust her eyes to the light she tried to sit up. How long I have been here and why? The thought was knocking off her newly gained conscious. She managed to sit up with support of the soft pillow. Now she could feel that she lay on a grand soft bed with silk to cover herself and soft linen to cover the fluffy cotton mattress.

She looked towards the source of light. It was a big French window near her bed overlooking the beautiful garden below. It was a beginning of bright and beautiful sunny day.

‘I see you are up.’ A tall and handsome guy in finest black suit stood beside her. ‘G-good-morning’ and before she could ask something, he placed a cup of hot coco in her hands. She took a couple of sips and said,’ W-where am I?’ ‘Strange. You didn’t ask ‘how’ he sneered. ‘Yes- yes I- was about to- but why?’ She paused to take one more sip ‘ Where am I?’

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