My family as a whole, is a winner.

Past week is again won by my family with each other’s cooperation in these hard times when one has to stay home always and stock to it as to their lives. None else is so serious in our neighborhood and apartment. But from the children to elders of my family are in hardcore ĺockdown since the lock down has started.

Sometimes I pity the children as other children of the apartment come out to play every evening but these have to satisfy themselves just by going out in the balcony or the varanda and similarly I pity my in-laws too as oldies 8th the apartment come out every evening in groups to go for a walk that too without any precautions. Siblings of my in-laws roam from place to place just for the sake off entertainment and use this lock down period as vacation but my of flies stay home even though they are not habitual to staying in one place for more than 10 to 15 days maximum. They all are doing it just on the request of my hubby about whom we allyl allele proud for being a dutiful son, caring father and uncle and a loving husband.

He is a work-o-holic who gets irritated and dull very easily if has to stay home without work but he has shown so much understanding and patience that I just love him more for whatever he is doing for us all.

So for me the family is a winner not only this week but every week that past and that will come.

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