New-Word of the day challenge

New is the word for the whole world now. Everything is getting renewed, not only we, the humans but the earth as well.

My assumptions are that after the world comes out of lockdown, social life of the people will be touching the new heights.j

In my opinion if people maintain the norms we are following now at least for a year, we will be safe.

I know some people may not agree with me because they think this is not the way to lead life. For them it may sound rude behaviour and not a norm to a safe life. But I still stick to my point of maintaining social distancing, minimum of public gatherings and family functions. If we want a safe and secure life for our kids we have to follow what we have started.

What I am loving about new etiquette is it’s so easy to follow and maintain. I am proud of my culture which has led the world to the safer side in the times of pandemic.

In the last I bow my head and join hands to show my gratitude for reading my post.

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