Spooky Incident

Dim lights in the plane,on the runway suddenly I see a reflection of a girl smiling, in the window of plane
I sit up straight with a jerk and look again but nothing and realize that flight was raising from the ground. I doubted my eyes as I was half asleep and looked around for a girl inside the flight whose reflection I might have seen. But no one to be seen in the flight with same features. Just then I realised the eyes had strange twinkle and the smile too was quirky with a twisted curve at the right corner. But what bothered me the most was that how can she show up to that height. Even if she stood on the stairs to board the flight then also she cannot come up to the windows. Even if the plane started to move and she crossed over to the window,but then this is also not possible because she could not be permitted.
After going through all the possibilities and logic behind the appearance of the smiling girl’s face, I gave up and slept. After fifteen or twenty minutes later I awoke by a strange sound. To my relief it came from landing. I turned to look out of the window and to my utter shock, on the glass of the window ‘Boo’ was written with finger tip. Strange feeling returned.
Flight came to halt and I descended. But till to date I could not make out what was that. The journey is a remember-able one and still gives me goosebumps.

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