Yesterday night I had a dream which made me scream.

I saw me and my children were in my bedroom discussing something and suddenly I felt fearful and as if something trying to harm us so I asked children to leave the room and when I tried to leave the room the door was stuck and the space was not sufficient for me to pass.

When I tried to open it a bit more it was not moving. Someone was holding it in place but was not visible. I started to scream but couldnot move a inch. At thus moment I realised I am dreaming and all this is not true but still I couldnot move or wake up. So started to scream louder hoping them to escape my dream and wake my hubby sleeping next to me, who in turn will pull me out of the situation. He is always a savior in such conditions…when he is around or else I suffer longer until the spell breaks on it’s own.

Some of these episodes were more hellish and unimaginable. I suffer this since childhood. FOWC:SCARY