Romancing The Devil.

These days I am obssesed with devil himself. I mean, I am writing devil’secret crush story. He came to take away someone’s soul and finds an innocent girl and makes a deal with the person. There will be a time when The Devil himself will sell his soul to Her. Ending is cooking up in my mind lets see how it turns up.

Before this one, I wrote a short story on a girl’s crush over The Soul Reaper. I am thinking what will be nrxt in this line, after the present story is finished.

But this is for sure that it also will be a sweet romantic one. My mind is running here and there for other topics but I tell it to slow down and first finsih the ome in hand.

The story is shaping up good. I am waiting for the first draft to finish. So that I can do the editing. I am in love with the story. It feels like its a part of my life. But when I put the pen down I feel lost for a while. It takes some time to absorb the reality. Believe me I am happy writing it, so it is turning into a novella instead of short story.

If everything goes well I will share with you all. But beforw that I would like to share a good news with my WP family members. My first non fiction self help book on fighting with my mental illness is on its way to be published. Hope you all will shower your blessings on it the way you do on me.

Love you all. Bye for now . Catch you soon.

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