I am on my way to be Someone.

I wanted to be someone else but I am becoming someone else. But I am happy for what I am going to be and all because of You, my Love. Without your support it all was a dream. Even before we met actually, you were backing me to be this someone, to get out of my comfy zone and let my wings of butterfly bloom to their fullest.

Than, I didn’t know this is what I will be. My stories, my poems which I wrote in rough note book or old diary will crop up and be visible to the world. The thoughts of bliss, words of curiosity will become the main character.

But You know what? I am very excited to be on this journey of new me. The journey which will give me some meaning and some more thoughts to ponder upon. Then I will be Someone instead of anyone. I will be living my dream, a dream to create charcters and their lives and love and complications and their world.

May be one day, may be, You my love will want to be a part of my world and will feel proud of being mine…but that day…I will say ‘NO’ to You. And you will feel sorry for destroying me in the first place. But because I love you so dearly and deeply I might think and forgive you. But all that is a big ‘IF’ hope everything goes fine and I realise my dream, at least this one.

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