Tell me how the storyline is.

A young girl dies in an accident and her soul meets the Reaper himself. She is bowledover by his unusual charm. It was not her time so the Reaper sends her back but is himself confused by her behaviour. She says something so heart melting that Heartless Reaper was bound to think about her. He returns to see her when she hangs herself and sees him standing in her room. She embraces him and praises his handsome face and hears the umheard heartbeats. He sents her back scolding and threatening but she keeps showing up. He fimally gives in but for a short while because he realises that it was not natural relation andshe has to go long way. Taking the blame himself he sends her back for the last time, at least he thought so. After a long time she shows up again when he irritatedly asks why the hell did she keeps on dying just to see him, didnt he cleared it was over between them.

So now here I need your help, friends. What should be the ending od the story, a happy one or let the people guessing and close it on asume yourself note?

Please help me out with this. I will be very thankful to you.

9 thoughts on “Tell me how the storyline is.

  1. Sounds awsome 🙂 Mb he can be ‘upgraded’ from being a reaper and become a man again to be with her as a happy-end option because their was some curse on him that’s only revealed later (and all other reapers are under the same curse) but when a reaper knows love he is forgiven for his misdeeds that god choose the punishment of him becoming an eternal reaper and then god gives the reaper another chance in the cycle of life. Just my thought, Use it and abuse it as u wish 🙂

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    1. and the cause of this punishment can be a man becoming to egoic on the soul journey and only caring about himself to know love of others.

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  2. Sweet story. I love the concept of dying for love.
    There are a lot of amazing ending for this kind of story, but I will suggest these:
    Either allow the girl run out of grace and can never return to the land of the living. Now she will have to cope to the kind of man the reaper is. The reaper is a killer who goes about reaping lives. That means he is a busy man who might never stay at home if he had a wife. So allow her face that reality.

    Or, make the reaper lose his job of being a reaper by becoming human. And this he must get in the hard way. Maybe he would have to go to the creator and beg for the opportunity to be human and this opportunity will then come with consequences.

    In my opinion, I want to read a story that tells us that nothing comes easy. Even hate has got a cost price. And love has a price too. I often hear that nothing good comes easy and that’s what I always look out for in what I read. I want to learn how to solve situations. So I look out for stories with lots of problem solving in it.

    Ensure you share your ending with us. 😍

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  3. The plot is unique and wonderful, having the potential for a great story. Try speaking to the characters like a lost friend, taking notes and imagine what they would tell you, the grief and attachment to people or things, scars and as a friend how you help them overcome. My two cents and hope it helps.

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    1. Yes it surely would. But when I first jumped on the idea, i had a thought of a bubbly girl falling in love with the deadly reaper himself and who is terrified by the strange feeling she is evoking in him. The poor reaper helpless in front of love the greatest power tries his best to stay away a
      But last gibes up. This thought made me giggle so I want to keep it simple and clear plus its very hard for me to write non-fiction so playing safe this time. But if capable, I will present th same concept in more complecated and intelectual way.

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