Betrayal… a short story

“How could you do this to me?” My throat choked on the words. He stared at the ground silently. “Now what is your decision, are you going to continue in this way or do something to solve the problem?” I asked again but no answer.
I left the room and came to the kitchen, packed lunch for kids and sent them to school. Packed his lunch and left it over the dining table, for him to take.

At 6.00 P.M.” Hello? When will you return, then?” was all I could ask. It was 3.00 A.M. but no sign of him yet. Finally, I dozed off. ‘Ting-Tong’ the doorbell in the early morning sounds so harsh, I came to know today. ” I am sorry, but I went to solve the problem. You wanted it to slove, right?” and he walked past me.

Walking behind him, “How irresponsible you are!” I exclaimed calmly changed into his pyjamas and went to bed, “Wake me up at 6:00, sharp.” After a few seconds, he said ” An hour’s sleep will energize me, for I have an early day today.”

He switched off the night lamp and slept. His soft snores were like the murmur of dead leaves under the feet in the muddy ground. While making coffee I heard his mobile ring 4th time in a row, so, to see who was in such a hurry I looked at his mobile.

‘My Wifey’ the screen glowed and the bold letters stuck in my mind. For a few seconds, I was like, lost, then the reality struck me and the floor beneath my feet trambled, legs shooked, hands shivered. I was paralysed. I could not swallow, my throat was choked and heart was beating in my mouth so loudly that I doubt he could hear it. My mind went blank after this and I dropped dead on the sofa nearby. I could feel something watery rolling down my cheeks.

“Are you not in your senses? I asked you to wake me up at 6:00 sharp but now it’s already half past 7:00” he shouted from the bedroom door. I was looking past him, at the blank point above his head. I was there physically but mentally I didn’t exist. “Your Wifey called”, I said flatly and was surprised to sound so calm when inside me the storm was raising. He went blank, bent on his knees took my face in his palms, and after a long pause, he said ” Let me explain…” “You picked her over me” I stopped him in between and continued, ” Now there is nothing left for me here”. “No, you can not leave me” with teary eyes he came closer to my face and spoke so slowly that it was almost a whisper” I made a mistake, I agree but please try to understand”.

“You broke my heart. You said you will sort out everything and asked for time but…”tears choked my throat once again. He opened his mouth to say something but I kept my palm over his mouth and continued “…You only solved the problem for her. You married her and now expect me to accept her. This is how you solved the problem, making me a cheap choice in comparison to her”. I broke down into uncontrollable sobs. He hugged me tight and cried with me.

“You know I could not leave her in this mess”, he said. “But you can leave me. Right?” I asked amid sobs. “No! of course not. I cannot live without you. You know that better.” Hugging me tight, he said. But was done couldn’t be undone and that was unacceptable too. ” I am sorry but I cannot live like this sharing my husband with another woman. Moreover, I cannot trust you ever again…” took a deep breath and continued ” and a relationship without trust is nothing. It’s easy to say love is bigger than all doubts, but that nagging bug of the doubt… no, the betrayal is not forgivable.” I shrugged off his embrace and stood by the T.V. stand.

“I will keep you always as my first priority. If you think I do something for her then remember I do things especially for you too. Don’t I?” He tried to lure me with his diplomatic convincing. But I was not ready to give in. ” Do you think I am a child that you are using the same method I use to convince our children? Stop it, I am not buying your diplomatic tricks.” With this, I broke into fresh sobs. He moved closer and towered me. He raised his hands to hug me but I jerked saying ” Just leave me alone”, so he put his hands in his pockets and stared at me, I continued “You broke my heart and my faith in you” and moved away. ‘ Band’ the bedroom door thudded loudly.

2 thoughts on “Betrayal… a short story

  1. An amazingly weaved story on complex relationships which is a reality and through the narration, you spoke about trust which is the most important. Sadly, in many cases, emotional blackmail is also used.

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