Present situation

I am missing my long sessions with words, especially here on wordpress. I am trying a lot to return to my writing schedule but I don’t know what it is that’s keeping me away from it, whether a writer’s block or some other distraction.

Every now and then I start hoiping to continue but I fail in my attempt. Though I picked up at my book, which I am writing since last year. The first draft is near to completion and I geel overjoyed to share my small achievement with all you out there, that I had sent my synopsis and sample chapter to Olampiya Publishers, London and was called back saying they are intrested to go through my complete manuscript. So I am trying to complete it.

Apart from that I am editing my first 3 videos for my new youtube chennel Telugu Urbex. Though I have to film more often then what I do but there are some personal setbacks which are delaying the shoot and hindering the progress of the channel work.

But whatever the reason may be I have made my mind to have a writing schedule for somedays so that I am back on my track. In this process I may be writing small blogs but will try to be in touch so that no distraction is successful do dither me from my objective and above all from the possitive and encouraging support of wonderful people out here always present to cheerup.

Thank you all of you for being there whenever I need words of encouragement. Keep showing me the path and be the guiding light

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