A mysterious house.

In a house far away from the vicinity of highly populated city of Kanpur, four people from some uknown city found,shelter. This house was vacant from last 14 years. It is believed that house was hanuted or some spirits visit it on a particular night.

The boys were unaware of this fact and it could have made no big difference even if they knew because they didnt believe in ghosts and spirits. In nights one of them used to guard the house alone, while the other three slept and next night it was other’s duty. Suddenly one night they faced something strange.

It was amawas (night of no moon). It was 11.30 in the night when they decided to set up their beds when something strange happened. A knock was heard but strange part was that the house didn’t have a door. They ignored it and laid their beds and were about to doze off when the knocking sound was heard again but this time it was from inside. The boy who was guarding, was sitting on the low wall of the premises heard nothing and was busy making puffs of smoke.

The sound continued for 5 odd minutes. But searching for the source they could not find anything visible that could produce such a sound. It was mud for the floor, half broken ceiling made of stone over only left room, rest were reduced to ruins. The once kitchen was now a room with two halves left over adajecent walls giving a corner where they used to cook for themselves. There was one place where they never ventured and that was the open area opposite to the kitchen with lonely broken pillars like a last man standing, making an arch like structure and rest was open area without any surrounding making the outside area visible from any corner of the once house. On reaching the arch they found something different under their feet. They tapped from their feet and same sound of knocking. And they were taken aback. They bent down and tried to feel the floor, suddenly one of them struck to a handle like thing on the floor. The torch light flashed on the spot, and they could see a latched door! None of them dared to open it.

Shocked from their discovery they were stunned and speechless. Suddenly the knocking came again and this time they could see the source in the light of torch. The latch was fluttering as if someone from inside wanted to break open the door. The three boys ran with their feet over the head and stopped at the entrance where the fourth one was puffing. Still, panting they told him what they had discovered. He first didn’t believe them then broke in to hysterical laughter. They went in again but this time with fire torch for more clear vision. This time the wind swooshed from the broken ceiling and echoed in the whole house as if a group was whistling on top of their esophagus. The four moved ahead in tight-knit group, holding hands. They were using their eyes to look in four different directions at the same time, their backs touching each other.

Sudden gush of chilled air knocked off their fire torch. Now they have no other option except the 2 battery torches. They lit one of them and moved ahead turning in each direction every now and then. Once one of them felt a light feathered tap on his shoulder from behind, and he turned with a jerk hoping to find his friend who might be walking behind him, but he saw nothing. A flatter of soft wings or a cloth was felt instead, but nothing more. They kept on moving towards the arch. When finally they were near it, none of them had the guts to reach out to the underground door. To their amazement they could see some sort of blurry glow near the arch half a foot above the door and it felt like waving but in a blink of an eye it disappeared and then knocking sound came again but this time very slowly. And they could feel the surrounding temperature falling down and to their astonishment they could see the door opening and as if some lady in full royal attire came out! But the next moment her whole body was ablaze and the atmosphere warmed up to the unbearable degree….to be conrinued.

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