A voice in my head…

“Stop, right there!” a whisper and I just turn my head to look over my shoulder, to find no one behind.

I complete my rounds and slump down on the bench below a tree. It’s cool and breezy morning but I feel sudden rush of heat raising and goose bumps on my body, hair on my neck rise.

“You must die.” a clear whisper this time but more urging in a voice between teeth. I just jerk up and look if someone was hiding behind and playing prank over me. But no, this time too no one.

I start walking towards the gates and realise that I’ve been listening this voice from a few days now. This time, only very clear.

Lately, I’ve been feeling very drastic. This voice continuously trying to control me, becoming more and more clearly audible whisper and compelling me to die!

I cannot run from it. Wherever I go it follows me. Its now becoming more and more irritating, I don’t know what to do? Even when I talked to my friend about this, she asked me to just ignore it as its nothing more than my imagination. But its not the case, I know real it is and how compelling.

One night i woke up to sharp pain in my head and I notice same gruelling voice asking to smash my head with something heavy or just thrash my head into the wall. It just wants me to die. I don’t know what to do? I am tired of it, tired of running from it, ignoring it. But it seems to be more determined everytime it’s heard.

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