Recently I faced anxiety attack in its worst form and at worst time. I always feared it to occur in front of Him, know what? It happened in front of him, right at the moment when he was sharing something important about his work. Damn, how hard I tried to control but… ah well. He got angry and didn’t talk to me for the whole day, because he thought I was over reacting to the call about which he was telling.

Well, I try some techniques now and then to control it. And it does help me at the time. So sharing it with you all.

When anxiety attacks…

. Look around you.

.find five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you c an smell, and one thing you can taste.

It is called 5 senses meditation called grounding. It helps to refocus on your surroundings.

. Practice mindfulness, when you are busy and have not much time try to focus on the present, it will relax your mind.

. Be creative. Music, painting or any form of art. No need to be a star performer, only your expression of inner feelings will do.

. TO stay active keeps your mind diverted from the problem which triggers the anxiety.

. Dancing is another way to feel light hearted. It actually keeps you at high. Actually it does make you forget troubles and joy overflows, eyes spark and excitement oozes out. And you feel fresh.

Another way is to :

. breathe in for 4 seconds

. hold it for 7 seconds

. exhale for 8 seconds

. repeat once or twice.

This causes an automatic nervous system shift from sympathetic mode to parasympathetic mode. It even helps during the exams and presentations.

. Drink water. The cooler the better. Focus on sipping slowly and how you feel about it.

. If in room, go out or open the window to breathe in the fresh cool air. Focus on smells, sounds and temperature around.

. Get fidget or even a clicking pen to channelize your adrenaline.

. eat chocolate. Most favorite of mine.

. Taking shower. I feel that as the water runs down it takes away my pain and tension and relieves me leaving in light mood and stress free.

. Blowing bubbles makes you giggle as they pop.

. Go for a walk. Being out relaxes you and new surroundings divert your mind.

. Listening to some slow and soothing music relaxes the tensed muscles and mind.

These are the tricks and tips I follow randomly. And they do relax me. Hope I am of some help.


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