A journal

Sunday …. its a perfect day today. Drizzling outside and we on a trip to country… Amazing day actually. Its a family gathering there and a feast.

Excited to meet all after a long time. Its a 1 and a half hour journey but bit tiring and exhausting dor children,they are gwtting bored. My teenage niece is having hard rime travelling andmy little kidos are really making it hard for me to stay calm. My little girl is nonstop talking, singing and making mischief and my little young man is getting irritated with everything. My hubby’s cousin is driving very patiently ignoring all the disturbance. My father in law is speaking monosyllables when and where required. I am passing my time by writing this journal.

I am bit sad because my loving husband couldnot make it as he has a busy schedule for the whole week. I am gonna miss him a lot, infact I have already started missing him.

Tomorrow is again Monday and a full hectic one too as its exam time for my children. And I am not sure when will I return.

Apart from all this the scene out of the car window is very engaging. All lush greens with orange, pink, yellow flowers blooming. Grey sky above and colorful greens below, cool breeze blowing. Water filled bodies here and there in the fields. White birds taking a stroll in the fields, people enjoying rides on bikes. It seems as if they too want to be partakers in the merrymaking of the nature. There are families enjoying day on the roadside. Reaping in some of the fields is going on. There is nothing lese to be seen on either sides of the road except vast breen fields stretching from one corner of the sky to the other and far behi d those fields on either sides are hills outling them.

We are nearing our destination and I am thankful for such a beautiful break. Hope you too enjoyed the trip with me.

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