Sleep Paralysis and Hallucinations : Back 2 Back appearence.

I had two back to back episodes of sleep paralysis and hallucinations.

It was starange that in the wee hours of morning it occured and when i was not even sleeping. I woke up at 5.15 am and drank water and returned to bed and before closing my eyes i watched time in my phone…it read 5.20 am and just closed my eyes and felt the feeling comming over so sttetched my hand towards my son and hold him and still i felt that someone is pressuring me from side and i couldn’t move but I tried to move my toes and fingers and curled up my noes, then suddenly could open my eyes but still was not able to move so staryed blinking my eyes fast and aftet gew seconds I was awake. I sat up on the bed, took a couple of deep breaths and then slept sideways, though first also i was lying sideways but not completely so this time completely turned sideways and closed my eyes. I could hear a laughing sound immidiately and some presure on my back as if some one was intentionally doing it. Whispering, first time you were saved but now caught ya! And then I could feel something touching my right palm behind my back so tried to grab it but nothing happened only the laughter increased and suddenly I remembered my daughter was there so it might be her leg i was feeling than i tried to turn aside but xouldnt so startef to laugh my self but only a little squeak came out or a whisper to match that laugh then suddenly flattering my palms and toes I came back to my senses. The time was 5.35 am. Since then I didnt sleep.

The other reason for calling it strange is, though I am considering it since long back but couldnot bring myself to mention about it, that iys said when you sleep on your back it occurs but I never sleep that way, o ly tirned to my left is my sleeping position, still I get these episodes since my childhood. Thirdly, sometimes due to work I donot sleep whole night and when I try to take rest at any given time, just like today, it occurs. My question is that when I am not sleeping how can it happen, on just closing your eyes?! Is it possible? It is too horrible. That too twice back to back. Though now I am not that afraid as firstly I know what it is and secondly most of the time I am in full sense of my surroundings.

I don’t know what to say? Still sharing my experience wirh you all. If you know something please do tell.

9 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis and Hallucinations : Back 2 Back appearence.

  1. Hi, I also had such incidents in my life but partially much more horrifying. All I can advice you that it is not good to give this too much attention in your mind. Well, you are a sensible person so you have to protect yourself in order not to get hurted or simply mad about all this. I have no explanation for all this, also not looking for reasons what is usually fruitless. As it is quite scaring, one protective exercise may be helpful when something like this happens to you: it is a mental imagination, you can for example think that a powerful and brilliant circle is surrounding you, and in this circle you are totally safe. Just my experience in this regard. All the best!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your method with me. And I will follow it. You know what I had very disturbing and great full episodes which made me even ill many a times. And of course they are horrible in every sense. Sometimes I am not even able to breath but the good thing is that it has lessened in past few years. So am happy.

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    2. And yes as you said I too don’t give a shit but this time it was something different so 2 as thinking. And anyhow my mind is a over thinking tank😕

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      1. I have noticed this very well, it is overall a question of the mind and very important to get it under better control somehow. Many years ago I have stopped reading any books about such (magic, parapsychology, novels like those of Lovecraft), this was a good decision and improved a lot. I have even burnt all my written diary remarks about such experiences ca. 2 years ago, what was a great release and relief. Just to let it go somehow what is really not simple at all and took longtime. I do not want and like these kind of visions and with this clear intent in my mind they usually do not enter my life anymore.

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      2. Good. But I was never into reading such literature so no no question of giving it up. Plus I don’t believe in such things either. I am a pure atheist. So I think I have to just shut my mind from over thinking and getting stressed. And keep negative thoughts at bay.

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      3. I am also a 100 % secular person and the small mental trick with the circle is completely ideology-free, just intent and active phantasy. But you could also imagine to put all this weird stuff in a box and shoot it to the moon. Good luck!

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      4. 😂😂yes that sounds even better..
        But I will go with safety circle also. It kinda appealing me. Thanks for sharing that trick.

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