Thesedays I am in ‘Pink City’ Jaipur. My daughter is going for clasicaal dance classes here too, thoufh short term course. Here the timings are same, 5 to 6 pm. The class is in basement so I have to weight outside if I wish to, that is on the ground floor.

Sometimes I see a lady here, who comes to drop and pick her daughter, just like me. I never talk to strangers but one evening the lifht went off while I went to drop my daughter, so was waiting for her to let me know whether there is class or not, when the same lady came smiling to me and stopped infront of my scooter, so had to ask her, ‘ what?’ Then she started talking about every topic from jer daughter’s dance class joining to how her relations are with her family. No I am not saying that she was just another talktive pwrson omplaining about family and all, that too to a total stranger, but she was sharing her problem with me. A well educated at2d lady who actually worked as a college lecturer, now full time mother who was denied to work onve married. So at length she said that her in laws were not letting her go to her parents place, which is in anothee city. And I just suggested her to make her decision and let them know instead of asking for their permission. After that day, I met her two days later,i.e yesterday.

Sh3 was so happy I mean her face was glowing and her eyes were beaming with happiness. She came running to me when I went to pick my daughter, and holding my hands she started thanking me. She was so ezcited that first 5 minutes she couldn’t say anything but smiled and giggled. After restoring her breath, she managed to say,’where were you, so many days? Why didn’t we met earlier?’ Then she revealed that taking my suggestion seriously, she kept on thinking whole night and the next morning informed about her decision to her family. To me she said that I was the first person who knows that her tickets were confirmed and that she is leaving on a particular date. She didnt tell this to her husband also. She was so happy taking her own decision and finalising it that now onwards sje wanted to cary this carefree attitude, in every walk of her life. She even felt sorry that we will be in touch for few days. She asked for my number so that we can be in touch even when I rerurn back to my place.

This experience was so thrilling, I mean someone getting so much happiness from just talking to me, totally a new thing for me. This reminds me of one more incident, occured few days prior ro this one. In a parlor, the lady attendant who was giving me pedicure, suuddenly startd shari g her painful experiences at home, with me. And gave her number saying if and whenever I require any service I can call her. She too said that she felt very light hearted after talking to me.

I don’t know what to make out of this but it gave me immense pleasure. And to be true, thrill and excitement. Just felt like sharing so did. If anyone can throw some light over this then please do.

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