Sunshine after Rainyday

A goodnews for me and for all of you who wished and blessed me. Last two days were very bad and shrouded with gloomyness for me.

But not taking you all through that glommy ride, I will cut short and come to the point. If you remember in my post ‘Desires not wishes’ I talked about my one desire to start my own you tube chennel, so 90% of it is materialsed and if everything goes fine in May, I will start shooting for it.

The shortcomings I was facing or am facing will be taken care of shortly, with the help of a friend and my hubby’s support. So now I can start shooting initial videos and after editing and all, I may post in July.

This day I am full happy and my excitement is overflowing. I am feeling free from some sort of cage. Even my ‘urban photography’ has got approval and I got some gutts to ask for camera and lengthy talk about my passion for photography and shoots to my husband.

One more good news I want to share is that, my photographs are getting good response and I am now trying my hands on streetphotography and urban, too

Getting good response on these is taking me to 7thheaben. TodayI am on cloud 9. Though the sadness is there, it wont go but atleastI can face it with some light. I can keep the dark thoughts at some distance.

Need your all, blessings and good wishes.

31 thoughts on “Sunshine after Rainyday

  1. I am so happy you feel a little bit better. If you have a YouTube channel I will certainly enjoy watching it. I also am on YouTube I enjoy it very much. I look forward to seeing you. Don’t feel bad if it takes a while to do it. It took me ages to get sorted out on there.

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      1. Oh yes most certainly I will put some pictures up. We went to Cyprus and went to lots of nice places. I think my favourite was George’s Fun Bus. The bus and the man were both funny. He took us to a cat sanctuary, a monastery, a waterfall, a honey shop, an archaeology site, and a beach. He was singing and joking all the time. He cheered me up so much. I am still singing some of his songs

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      2. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜I am so happy for you. Little description of your bus ride made me feel as if I also accompanied.
        I love travelling too. Tours and trips are adrenaline for me.


      3. Yes I am sure you would have loved this. The trip ended up on a lovely unspoiled beach with a barbecue. He made food for vegetarian people too and had some non alcoholic drinks. He was very kind. We had a karaoke and he got us to stand up and sing with him. My singing is so very very bad my husband videoed it. It was very funny. I wish you had been there.

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