Snake of depression climbing up again.

Why are people so admunt sometimes to accept that they are the reason for someone’s depression? They blame it all on patient’s depressive conditions.

Wont try to understand. Don’t wont to.

This depression takes toll on the life of people involved. The relation, the happiness everything. Its so dangerous. It keeps returning, how hard you try to supress or control it, to gulp everything you possess, your peace and sense of belonging, in its one stride.

But one thing I don’t understand why people think its a game of mind, that it can be switched on or off?

16 thoughts on “Snake of depression climbing up again.

    1. Thanks. And you know what? It’s truly said that one who doesn’t suffer from it never knows what it actually is? How it operates and how it triggers? I was really badly hurt that day when wrote.😐

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      1. I am trying to but it’s really hard. Something which always stays in your head keeps returning to your mind. And words which are sharp, stab deep. Sometimes may be into your soul.

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  1. It isn’t your fault and you can’t switch it on or off. It is upsetting when people say snap out of it because quite clearly you can’t just feel better whenever it suits you. Quite often we feel bad just when we need to feel able to do things. Feeling bad then makes us feel we can do nothing right. Hugs for you.

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    1. I am amazed that how people say that it’s all in hour brain…see we don’t give up to the stress, we face. If we want to depression can takeover us the very moment we give in. But we are not giving in so it’s not comming to us. This makes it very clear that it’s all in your mind.
      How hard I try to explain they just don’t get it, not accept it.

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