I lost the one person

I thought I would never loose

And now I am all alone, though

I may not look alone physically

But mentally there is no one in sight

So apt are the words for my present situation. I am too lost that I don’t see any way out. I just hold on to my pen as my rescue. My thoughts wander a lot, but just in my head. My fingers tapping on the keys give the vent to my feelings and thats all I have as my compny.

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  1. When you feel pain, it is a way of life telling you to heal your soul because you yourself is love and you gotta have love and you gotta nurture yourself to get rid of pain and be your highest self!

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    1. Sana thanks for such a beautiful opportunity. Dear this time I won’t be able to participate as I am busy with a marriage in the family and Moreover I am not home even. Visiting bridegroom’s family and would be staying there.

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