200 is a great number…

I am bery blessed to hbe get the appreciations and encouragement from so many beautiful people. I started my journey without any expectations and used to write just for me, to let out my supressed emotions, raw feelings, pain and once or twice anger. But as the time passed many friends, well wishers joined in and hold hansds in hand to make a great and strong chain of support.

Because of you all good souls today I am what I am. You taught me so many things, and made me remeber few forgotten ones. Showed me new ways and gabe me new ideas. I never thought I will ever write a story, that to a fiction one, but see your encouragement made me do that too and you all have shown love and showered blessings to my raw efforts.

I feel more liable now, in case of writing. Should write rationally and not just rants(though ranys are the major part of my writings and am sorry for that but this blog was started for that). But I now try to write something senseful, to do justice to your faith and believe in my caliber as a writer.

Thanks for being there. To stand by me.

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