Chapter closed.

One more chapter from precious book of my life over. It was the last chapter connected to my father. Its like an era of golden period is over.

A chapter very close to my heart,from my childhood. Though I don’t have very fond memories of it but still whatever I have are very sweet.

By the closing of this chapter, I never thought I’d be so much affected but I am moved.

I lost my grand mother, in the wee hours of sunday morning. She never cherished her grand children in their childhood but in hour early teens she became close to us. Though her relationship with us was sweet and sour but her death has shaken us to the core. And I am the one whom she was asking about as I stay far away and couldn’t reach to see her. From last one month on and off she kept asking about me, that makes me feel more of a loner now, away from my family and my people.

Right now there is no one near to share my pain except my two kids, so just writing it down, to calm down my mind.

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