I wrote today…

Hey friends want to share my happiness with you all.

First is that one of my poems got selected and published in poetry section of the newspaper.

Second is that today I re-read and made amends to the second chapter of my book, the first draft been proof read for the first time and wrote the third chapter, but it took bit long to complete it as I kept editing on the go…and will proof read it either tomorrow or … no not tomorrow but soon.

I know for many of you its not a big deal but for me its really something. Because whenever I sit to write, I get scared and sad as I have to go through all the heartbreaking experience and relive the moments. Sometimes it triggers my depressive mood which prolongs for days. Even editing takes a toll on my emotions and you will not believe me when I say I even cry for hours while and after writing. So thats the reason its an accomplishment for me and I want to share with you all and that too without crying, atleast not as much I normally do.

Sorry for embarrassing you.

16 thoughts on “I wrote today…

  1. nothing to embarass…. its your emotion, it makes you what you are.
    Its good that you expressed it in such a beautiful way. Anyway congratulation for your success and it is truly something exciting for anyone.

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  2. Sorry you are going through such an emotional time but it’s great you can share your experiences with us. I hope your writing goes well xxx

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    1. Infact I am thankful to all you wonderful people out there who listen to me try to understand me without making a fuss and encourage me support me…that is why I am able to share my pain and feel less burdened


      1. I am new to your blog but have been though some horrible stuff too. I will never be judgemental and try to give you the support you deserve. X

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