Rail of my thoughts.

My words, my passion…everything started with you. I looked everywhere for you. Since the time I started knowing my surroundings, I only searched for you. Infact whole my life untill I found you…I was confused what actually I was searching for.

When I found you, it was like beautiful splash of colours blasting suddenly into my life. It was like my soul speaking to me, telling me that I have found the one I was looking for and then to your soul my soul spoke the same thing. You didnt realise but the truth is souls find their halves without physical plane knowing it. Because its said souls have the same hiding place. Wherever we go we will meet in the end. I met you and was like now I have no more soul searching to do. I was relexed and and felt at ease.

My life has taken a different turn since our lives are mingled. For better or worst, we are togather in this run of life, to uplift eachother. May be sometimes we do not agree or even come to the verge but we dont break, because its all is in process for our higher upliftment. Every action we take, help us learn our lessons and move forward in the path of our learning.

I have never thought of leaving your side in any situation, no matter what happens between us. But I dont know why I am feeling from sometime now, that I am not doing my job properly, even I sometimes feel that may be I was not supposed to meet you in this life or may be I came too early, before my time, in yourlife. I dont know why sometimes you make me feel worthless.

I sometimes wonder how can I still love you the way I do. But then I know no matter what or who comes in between us you are and wilp me my soulmate. I will love you same like this and even more now and every life yet to come. Because there is no other love destined for you rather then mine. Blossoms come and go with seasons but spring remains eternal.

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