Typical Relationship.

Typical is our relationship. Where you are perfect and I am the looser…but no! Wait, I am Typical in my own way. If you are unique I am different too. I am different from others…no other piece universe has created like me.

They say opposites attract eachother but here also our relation is typical, the opposites repel too! It’s also said that opposites also complete eachother but here my faults are always highlighted.

Still my love is such that wirh all your shortcomings all your temper and anger and you disliking me as bitter as it can be, I love you more and more dy by day. How deep you hurt me the deeper my love grows.

But this time I am going to stay away and watch you from some distance, loving and caring for others. Drowning in her love. I know there will be one day when you will realise whta I was for you and what I did for you. My prayers were and will always be for you. In my wishes i will ask for your happiness…but by the time you realise I will be gone far away, how loud and long you call my name my reply wont come…as where I will go there are no communications not two ways atleast.

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