Confessional #3: Obstacles and Hope

It seemed like reading about myself….

This Bipolar Brat

What those of us with a mental illness never discuss is the constant obstacles we’ve grown accustomed to jumping. With every goal in life and each step we take towards those goals, those of us with mental illness have enormous hurdles. Some days, we have more hurdles than those who are of healthy mind and body.

Situations and decision making doesn’t come easy, depending on your medication, therapy, or if you are using any of these outlets. We are not handed things, despite what the media presents.

We put a lot of effort into everything we do because it takes an inner strength battling our inner demons while doing normal, average things. I battle these inner demons while doing the dishes and fight these demons while I write. There isn’t a moment that I’m not dealing with inter turmoil.

I have two constant hurdles I’m jumping, mental illness and chronic…

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