Wreck Diving Site

Once upon a time there was huge steam ship loaded with passengers leaving a charming town. But, the ill fated ship sank with all of its 400 passengers on board. Ever since, the location where the ship sank in the sea has been haunted, with the souls of the gloomy, dead passengers haunting whoever passes by at night. They moaned take out their anger on the living, begging for attention and some relief from their afterlife.

This is the popular legend of a ship wreck in the fishermen community of the city of port…Vizag a.k.a. Visakhapatnam. Till recent it was nothing more then a story for bedtime and to scare the toddlers. Some even went to say that they have felt the touch of someone on their backs, when they ventured there to fish in the night. And avoid fishing there in the night. Or they make large groups if needed to go in that area but mostly wont catch fish there.

Even the mere mention of the spooky wreck site raises fear in the fishermen. Ask them and they will start telling you that they heard the story from their father and him from his father. They don’t know the correct time and reason for the ship wreck but are sure that there is an area in Bay of Bengal haunted by the spirits of the doomed passangers’ spirits. One of them told that his father was 85 years old and according to him the ship sank about 300 years ago.

But why do they feel so scared of the site? In an answer to this question they say that they have encountered many miss happenings and seen apparitions there. And even heard some miserable sounds. So venturing there is a strict no – no for them. For years now the fishing community of Bheemunipatnam has this belief that the area 30 kms north near the famous light house of Santhapalli Rocks about 12 kms into the sea is a dangerous zone and doomed site, a place where ghostly spirits lived deep in the fathoms of the Bay of Bengal and no boats returned safe.

At the time of British empire, the government had built a light house in the year 1840 because the seabed there is rocky and dangerous. Says historian Edward Paul.

On December 21 morning, Scuba Diver Balram Naidu who is running a Scuba diving institute in the city from last 3 years and his team went on for the search for the aforesaid wreck site. And he stumble upon the remains of the ship. Actually he was searching the site from last three years with the help from the fishing community. They used to show him the possible wreck site and he with his team dived into the deep waters. Thus being lucky this time he finally discovered it. Though he was warned about the mysterious happenings and that it was life threatening to venture in that area. But as he was determined, he didn’t hesitated and went with his plan, which obviously paid off his hard work.

The visibility under the sea water is very clear. The aquamarine life there is very rich. Specially the remainants of the ship hold a variety of it. Much has to be studied along the coast which would show up many other wreck sites.

While the cause or reason of the sinking of the ship, its origin and history need to be further explored as its still a mystery, has Balram and the team in excitement. According to Balram finding of coral in the sea few weeks back and now this wreck site, Vizag has a great potential for scuba diving site, thanks to the rich aqua marine life, clear water visibilities. Apart from tis Balram is planning to present a proposal to tourism department to turn Vizag into wreck diving destination. This on being materialised would give civilians a chance to visit the wreck of PNS Ghazi.Apart from these two ship wrecking site debris of another good ship probably century old, lies at the continental beach near Dolphin hills. He hopes that doing so might turn tourism scenerio not only in Vizag but all over India.

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