Boarding a flight.

We all live on a beautiful place called earth. It’s a heaven for we don’t know what actual one looks like. May be some of us may laugh at my this statement but for me my world which I can experience,  feel, touch and see is heaven. I don’t reserve a particular word for an unseen imaginary place.

I don’t get it sometimes why some people are blood thirsty, why all these killings. Why can’t we live in a peaceful and harmonious environment. Why the governments support such kind of things. In fact in our country try there is internal war going on for showing themselves as backwards and poor. If such is the condition and mentality of citizens then how can a Nation become developed and march forward? Where the right to admission in any walk of life is based on reservation and not ability and capability. There are many drawbacks for such a situation and the Nation as a whole has to face the consequences.

Why don’t we get satisfied with what we are capable of instead of snatching from others their opportunity.  It in turns make everyone a looser because one who got the opertunity by snatching is not able to perform correctly and the one who is, is deprived of the same.

Wherever we see some kind of unrest is going on. Whether it may be in social life or in personal. Instead of getting happy with our share of happiness we try to compare with others and always find ours less in comparison, so we struggle to reach their level. For attaining that we may do anything, bag, borrow or steal. And I don’t think that is right or even nervous to it. Because I believe that what is destined to us or what we have written in our agreement with the supreme power that has already been given to us. For me the happiness is getting a reservation of a table for two at the restaurant for dinner. Or even getting a chance to stroll the street full of people, holding hands of my love and resting my head on his shoulder if I am tired of walking, with everyone admiring his love for me.

After all we all have to aboard a flight which is never delayed and say our goodbyes and depart silently for let others shout for us. The seats are already reserved so no inconvenience. No tension, no worries. How much good deeds we perform we will be allowed that much to carry with us and how human we are that will be the quality of our passports. All the love we carry within us all through our life will get us visa soon, for trouble free clearance. So in my point of view our only worry should be, how can we be a better humanbeing and perform our duties rightfully. So when we aboard the flight to heaven we are in the business class.

Daily prompt:  Reservation


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