Hey friends, you know what I met the dumbest person today. And that person is no one else but me! Actually from my child hood I am suffering from a problem that I cannot speak in front of many people or canny face camera. Not only this but also I was affraid of answering questions asked in class, was not able to perform on stage in school dramas. Even when our school I’d card photo session took place I used to become very concious. I always avoided functions, outings. In short anything which included involving others. I failed many job interviews due to this.

First I used to think nothing of it. But as I grew bit older and dawned myself in reading, more and more it was then that at some point of time I got the name for my problem. I called it social phobia. Because I even hated or say feared to go out for lunch in my school, collage and institute training times. So till this very moment I was ok with my discovery.

But just now I was going through you tube and stumbled upon a video regarding anxiety disorder. In the comment section there was some one who described his social anxiety and after reading his symptoms…I was like ……dumbfounded for few seconds. I had same symptoms. And now I realise after so many years of suffering that it has after proper name Social Anxiety. Though I suffer from anxiety in general but this social anxiety which was giving trouble to me, now I know.

I am laughing at myself now. What a bundle of mental illnesses I am. …aah. Hopefully now I can at least deal with this part at least.  May be some tension might lessen. Hope for your all suggestion.

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