My observation of ‘Almost’.

The saddest word according to Nikita Gill in the world is ‘ Almost ‘ and I cannot be more than agree with her. It is like reaching the finishing point and just before touching it, falling down to ground and see others cross it while you struggling to get up.

It’s high time when you realise that life is getting over while all the way you were thinking that it has just started. It’s the view point of our mind that how we perceive anything because The body almost bares anything, it’s the mind which we have to convince. And sometimes it’s really hard to do so.

This word ‘almost’ implies in every area of our life. May it be love, work, relations, dreams, hate or life on the whole, itself. For love is almost not a simple feeling, but a very complicated one. You’re in it now and a out the next moment and just don’t want to see ex ‘ s face. A friend is almost a foe when you  cross your line with them. Same goes for the work life too, ‘those who don’t manage their money, will almost always work for those who do’ according to this quote one is almost his own boss. The information about the money management is almost as important as the money itself. 

In almost the end of my topic I would like to say one or two positive thoughts on ‘almost’ and that goes like this, if we do not give up we almost reach the the point in no time. Hanging on To anything is the key to success. It’s the almost the point where turn of chance takes place. Secondly, every person who is successful or has been, started with almost two beliefs that either future is better then present or he has the power to do so. I almost believe in all these and hope everyone does. At least in the positive ones. The best one I want to believe in is the ability of time to heal almost everything, just we should have the patience and the miracle will take place.
For daily prompt.


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