A cozy winter morning.

Bed….quilt…wrapped in that, me. With a mug of steaming coffee in my hand. The music channel is playing my favourite number, and I am reading some intresting piece of news. Oh! the winter morning cannot be more Cozy than this. 

It’s almost 15 minutes past 8 and I am still in bed with the warmth of quilt surrounding me and the coffee leaves it’s hot trail while I gulp it down. My eyes glued on to the news paper, I stretch a bit and let my hair down. Then I pick up the phone to go through my messages and mails. After that I check for new posts on my reader and reply or message to fellow bloggers. When done with the tab ‘Bible’ I put it down and come out of the quilt, leaving  the cozy warmth of it. It’s half past 8, by now and I know it’s still not late for the breakfast as s children are having their winter breaks and no one except my hubby is up yet, who also is in gym. So I go down and into the kitchen. Making breakfast and preparing for early lunch. 

My in laws are leaving for temple and are taking children with them, so I hurry up and bathe the kids and get them ready for the same. By the time they leave, my hubby returns so after the four of them leave, ne and my hubby sit down for breakfast. 

It was so comfy in the living room, with sunlight coming through balcony and hot ‘onion parathas’ with curd and coffee to wind up the breakfast. I switched the chennel from music to movies with Jackie Chan’s Tuxedo playing.

Then after preparing lunch, back in my bedroom with my ‘ Bible’ I get lost in the world of words. Today I am attracted to quotations, of all sorts. But now a days I don’t know why I like more of the moving on ones instead of hanging on or holding ons. I even was thinking to write a complete post on one of them but then thought better of it. May be some other day some other time I will write the quotation post and may be in some other manner. But now, bye till then.

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