Supernatural or what?

Bhilwara a city in Rajasthan famous for clothing, suiting and shirting, is a district headquarters. A moderately developing city. I’ve been there couple of times. I liked it there as it was very quiet in comparison to the city I lived in.

While going there, on the way the car driver was telling a story of a house in the vicinity, which was notoriously famous for some unexplained activities. Though we stayed there for a week or so, on the third day got the chance to see that house. Not exactly from inside as my mom was completely against.

Actually my distant aunt invited us for dinner, who lived in the same area. The so much talked bout house was just in the opposite lane and was on walkable distance from her place. It was night when we reached there and after dinner I asked aunt about the house. She told that the house first belonged to a business man’s family who lived there with his wife two children and parents.

They often used to hear some sounds in the house. At first they didn’t take it seriously but as the time passed some wired things started to happen. The son of the owner was a merit holder in his school, he was the first victim. The boy complained of some one disturbing at night and this resulted in his merits going down and made him mentally ill. The parents see ked help of a priest, who performed some pooja. It seemed pooja had effect, for some days. Then one day the old father of the owner expired in suspicious conditions. After the incident the owner sold the house to a couple, thinking it might be not good for him but may suit them. Everything went well in the starting but as the days passed the weird sound and unexplained activities started. The man men met with an accident and went unconscious for several days. Then the parents of the man sold the house to another family and they performed big pooja and ‘yagna’ and a month went quietly but the family started to see some shadows after the evening fall. Some sounds of someone shouting and cursing were heard. On one or two occasions the old parents of the owner saw an angry man in white Kurt a pyjama, warning them. But when they asked the priest to look into the matter, he refused to perform any pooja saying it was not in his powers to deal with this entity or entities (as by now people also started noticing two people on the boundaries after sun sat).

When we saw that house, I didn’t find anything peculiar about it. Only the place was deeply quiet and dark. The shadows of trees and the moon light was playing a role in its weird appearence. Aunt said that the house was by then sold to a Muslim family. They were two brothers who asked the sufi and a Muslim priest to purify the house. After that they demolished the house completely and made two duplexes same in looks and were connected through a balcony way. Though everything was done to purify the house, the family had not shifted into it as they were affraid of the entities they called as ‘djinns’ who were residing in the space.

Now years have passed and I heard that the family didn’t moved in and finally decided to donate the space to some public welfare unit. But the curse or the entities whatever it was, didn’t left. When the construction for a mall started, one evening suddenly the 12 feet high wall collapsed on the labour working there. The ones who survived said that they used to hear some warnings but didn’t take seriously, and one final day a white dress wearing person with big white beard blowed the wall.

So this is what I knew but I don’t have information of the advancements. But I hope everything is fine on that front.

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